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Yanılsamalı Söyleşiler

Vol. 2

Genç fotoğraf sanatçısı Şener Yılmaz Aslan’a ait “Yanılsamalı Söyleşiler” fotoğraf serisi ilk kez geçtiğimiz yıl “Ünifotofest” kapsamında Galata Fotoğrafhanesinde sergilendi.

In the photograph series initiated on 2011 he reflects the effect of a dream through a method similar to the inspiration of surrealist artists. Aslan, interested more in urban architecture, thinks that architectural structures disclose social consciousness and realities just as attires reflect persons. In his " illusory discourses" series he exposes this revelation with a visual language. “Starting off from a dream, I began to rake up the reality of modern urban architecture. After a variety of questionings, I was of the opinion that the present condition is “tragi- aesthetic”.
As for the society, I figured out this tragi- aesthetic condition in terms of its aesthetic and magical sense and thus effortlessly persuaded and lapsed into silence. In the photograph series, called “Illusory Discourses”, I tried to be a medium for questioning the modern architecture and today’s “transformation” carried out by the system altogether. I attempted to introduce an allegoric imagery of alienation in the new urban architecture that has been imposed on the society, and, in which we have been persuaded and imprisoned.”
Vol. 2
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