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Vol. 7

The recent video-interview series we have been holding with young artists and designers through is an indication of loyalty to our goals. Deniz Gül of says: " is an Istanbul discovery guide describing the city from the perspective of individuals. In this respect the project we are doing with the Box in a Box Idea is very exciting because we are discovering unknown places in İstanbul with the young artists and designers who are inspired and work here, who use various resources and ateliers, and we witness the productions of these individuals.’’

Egemen Kemal Vuruşan - Glass Artist We held an interview with Egemen Kemal Vuruşan at the Beykoz/Riva Glass Furnace Foundation. "I am studying in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Güzel University. At the ceramic and glass design department. I’ve been blowing glass for nearly three years. In future I want to continue glass training abroad as well. Last summer with the support of Glass Furnace Foundation, we worked with world leading glass artists Karen Willenbrink and Johnsen Willenbrink. The contributions they made to me were incredible. They taught us very different techniques. I enjoy making modern designs more than traditionals.." Additionally, Vuruşan said the following for his exhibit titled "Dead Cells": "I considered the diseases which took most lives in recent years and I had an opportunity to work with some. I wanted to interpret these diseases with glass and create a different consciousness. Some killer diseases are crazy and others are flesh eaters like the necrotizing fascilitis bacteria which consumes the muscle mass and causes death when it reaches the bones No cure for it exists at the moment. People know of it as the human flesh decaying and dissolving disease. In the final analysis, my works reflect that even an awful and strangely terrible disease could involve esthetic values, and when assigning the attribute ‘horrific’ in the cosmos or nature, we ought to notice any beauty which it might contain."
Onur Çanka - Sculptor We held our video interview with Çanka at his Balat atelier. "I joined the Sculpting Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University in 2008. Graduated from the Woodworks Atelier and currently doing my Master’s Degree at the Fine Arts Faculty. I work mostly with wood but I also use other materials such as clay in my statutes. We make gypsum molds over clay and create polyester castings. Creating something by adding rather than reducing is more easily controlled and Egemen Kemal Vuruşan "THE CELLS OF DEATH" more comfortable. Working with clay is fast and pleasant. But mud is the basic material and it must be molded and casted once it is completed. The Balat Atelier was opened by one of my instructors, and working together made it my atelier also. Balat is a nice place. Material is not in shortage. Mostly I start with caricatures and complete these works. The statues and the expressions I place on them are my abstractions shaped in my mind. Upon rough completion the fine details such as shades or smoothing is done through sandpapers. After casting, interfering becomes unavoidable."
Gamze Yalçın - Illustrator, Interior Architect Illustrator Gamze Yalçın points at her favorite cafe at the Tunnel: La Paz Café Bar. Yalçın created the unique Southern American menu design, she created the walls and painted. Home style traditional foods are created by an Argentinian chef... seafood pot pouri, fresh burittos, and home made cocktails.... "I am a 26 year old interior architect and an illustrator designer. I continue my own private work. I also produce works for projects. I’ve been selling my works for the last two years at the Sntrl Shop. Stoneprint and wood coasters for glasses, and pillows for the last 4-5 months are included. I just moved to Sumahan. I work in my own studio. Seven different design shops carry my works. My inspiration source has always been my travels. It still is. La Paz is the first interior space concept and wall painting freelance project and it is very important for me. I am not ashamed to come here or talk about it and invite my friends.... In designing the menus, we wanted to tell the stories of the dishes and selected smalltown or local restaurant foods. These are presented as sole experiments and special recipe of an Argentinian chef. You can observe the cooking process in the open kitchen. "
Vol. 7
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