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The Outstandings on the Virtual

Vol. 9
Lorraine Loots 

With the project “Postcards for Ants”, as named by her, Lorraine Loots has been preparing a new miniature postcard each passing day since the beginning of 2013. No matter how small the drawings of Cape Town-based artist are, they encompass as many details as that. 
Kylli Sparre 

One of the winners of Sony World Photography Awards 2014 contest, Kylli Sparre, a Dutch photographer, takes self- portrait photos in the middle of nature. Using the various digital editing tehcniques, Kylli’s photos exhibit unreal traces as a dream. 
Jim Darling Painter

Jim Darling has painted what he saw through the window of a Boeing 757. You can see the night and day, the sky and the earth, the city lights, the sea and the plane’s wing in his paintings. It is very impressive this point of view that we frequently see in the photos as a series of paintings. 
Tatsuo Suzuki 

Shooting the streets of Tokyo step by step, Suziki add a different meaning to street photography. Having a diffe- rent observation power, Japanese photographer manages to reflect the chaotic atmosphere of the city to the people thousands of miles away.
Vol. 9
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