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The Outstandings On The Virtual

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Examples of Outstanding works on internet world.


If you are an addicted one to the summer nights just like us, hold tight because you are about to fall in love with these shots taken by Tom Blachford. These modern buildings, shot entirely by the light of the full moon in Palm Springs by the Melbourne-based photographer, will take you to distant places with three different series titled “Midnight Modern”. 


German photographer Lucas Zimmermann’s “Traffic Lights” series is and extraordinary play of lights and colors. The photographer, who published the first edition of the series in 2015, continued where he left off, and launched the “Traffic Lights 2.0” this year. The traffic lights that disperse into the air in the midnight fog turn into an unexpected show of lights in Zimmermann’s photographs. 


Kelia Anne MacCluskey’s obsession with photography began during an adolescent trip abroad, and her works still give off her feelings back then. Each of MacCluskey’s compositions imitates and romanticizes real memories. Although some are completely irrelevant, they are obvious and clear, while some are surreal, manipulated, or are entirely filled with trivia. 


At first glance, the scenes that artist Matt Rota creates seem to be ordinary, but upon closer inspection of details, you begin to feel the presence of something unusual. The New York-based artist adopts a storytelling style, and uses ink and watercolors to create his art reminiscent of scenes from high-budget movies. 

Sayı 17
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