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The Outstandings On The Virtual

Vol. 11

İnternet dünyasında öne çıkan isimler ve işlerinden örnekler

Benoit Paille

Rainbow Gatherings are intentional communities that hold nature camps around the world, serving as an alternative to mass media, popular culture, and technology. Benoit Paille’s interest in photography started when he first attended these camps, where he took these pictures in 2011 and 2012. 

Julian Rentzsch

German artist Julian Rentzsch creates compelling illustrations by fusing portraits of iconic directors with their cult films. These three illustrations featuring Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese are the result of his collaboration with design studio Stellavie. 

Silvia Grav

Photographer Silvia Grav achieves a brilliant, dramatic effect by simple Photoshop techniques on images taken using again simple techniques. The young artist usually prefers black and white manipulated photography, and she also produces videos with a similar aesthetic. 

Laurent Chehere

Most of us have recently come across Photoshopped images of flying women on social media. But it is not so often that we see pictures of flying houses, as they are quite difficult to construct. Chehere achieves this by using photography, three dimensional software and drawings, and in very large formats. 

Vol. 11
Veganizm The Outstandings On The Virtual