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The Outstandings on the Virtual

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İnternet dünyasında öne çıkan isimler ve işlerinden örnekler...


Nowadays, more and more illustrators are turning to computers and tablets for most of their drawings because it is faster and costs less. And tablets keep getting better at creating more realistic paint effects. Looking at the portrait illustrations that Anton Korolyov, a Ukrainian artist, creates using a digital pen, it’s hard to tell the difference from felt pens or crayons. 


Australian-based artist Brad Robson uses canvases with textures to inject life into emotive portraits and vibrant cityscapes, using expressive and lucid brush strokes. Robson’s portraits speak of a universal connection as he blurs the lines between recognizable faces and the abstracted. He is also commissioned to take his work outside and use walls as canvas to create murals. 


Gem Fletcher is a photographic art director based in London, collaborating with photographers around the world, creating award-winning imagery and demonstrating that there can be more to good photography or design. She combines highly conceptual art direction with the unique visual style of her collaborators. 


The Greek artist Petros Vrellis uses algorithms and threads to craft Renaissance-style portraits, highlighting the importance of the material in art production but also demonstrating that the final work of art is the real masterpiece. 

Sayı 14
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