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Sky Spotting Stop

Vol. 4

"We both can be happy, let’s look at the sky From those running lights, sugar canes From baby teeth, suns, weeds Take and save my eyes I waste without stopping Hold my coward hands keep looking for Skip these houses, and these, and these, too Let’s look at the sky..." Turgut Uyar

"Sky Spotting stop”, the first product of YAP Istanbul Modern: New Architecture Program cooperated with The Museum of Modern Art, MoMA / MoMA PS1, will be available to visitors in the garden of the museum between 25 June – 20 October 2013. YAP Istanbul Modern: The project to realize the first temporary structure of the New Architecture Program was determined. SO? Designed by Architecture and Ideas, the project named “Stop: Look at the Sky” will be carried out at the beginning of June in the garden of Istanbul Modern, and will attract visitors from every age for the summer 2013, together with activities to be held for the young. Besides the winning project, all suggestions developed by all finalists taking part in the international YAP: New Architecture Program will meet with audiences by a joint exhibition at Istanbul Modern, MoMA PS1, MAXXI and CONSTRUCTO. SO? Architecture and Ideas “Sky spotting stop” in Istanbul Modern, which located on the invisible waters of the Bosphorus, on the museum's garden overshadow filtered, settled to reflect the city attractions during the summer months. The Bosphorus view, shady garden, changing illuminations, waves, dancing shades in the garded in the city. The Bosphorus and the perceived short-lived but lively addition to the high points of the city, the garden will become a part of the silhouette. People who stays in the garden during the day, under the swaying shadows, spend time in the dusk of the changing reflections. Pontoons are placed just below the water rising above the floor of the garden stands a landscape view of the sea waves move will save the variable placement and stop fidgeting with shades make your garden a stop in the city: is a stop where you can have a rest, gather with friends and family, play games or look at the sky.
Vol. 4
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