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Sadi Tekin Interview

Vol. 6

Do you want to meet the cute monsters who moved to a flat in Central Park? Many widely known urban legends exist about New York presumed to be the center of the world. Do you want to hear the funniest one? Indispensable monster characters of surrealistic stories confront us this time at New York in modern life. If you are ready to meet illustrator and industrial designer Sadi Tekin’s Monsters of Newyork family, let us begin.

It all began with an inflated figure.. Having seen inflated and internally lit Santa Claus figures in New York streets during the last Christmas, Sadi Tekin conceived a year round usable project which would utilze the same materials. To capture the night effect of lit figures during daytime he designed surprising and cute figures, monsters resident in New York subway. Sadi Tekin shared his initial sketches at Instagram in April of last year and in a short time became popular among New Yorkers and New York lovers in social media with his monsters drawn on photographs taken in his daily life. It became news in Mashable, Boing Boing,Design Taxi in the USA and at social media such as Gazete Vatan and design news web sites in Turkey. Short modern stories from within the city... While we are engaged in the routine rat-race of our daily lives we bury our heads in smart phones and in time we become blind to beauty which surrounds us. In reality what the artist, Sadi Tekin does is to highlight with monsters drawn the little details which go unnoticed by New Yorkers’ daily enroute. These monsters who make us smile on occasion with a witty message and sometimes with a funny face remind us that the city has a soul. The artist is giving us messages from the city with cute monsters... New York monsters conjured from 9 colors including the rainbow, black and white will soon meet us in a book with a new story. Artist is working on a future interactive mobile application while the monsters reflect to us the dynamic spirit of the city with small animations in the Youtube channels. It is not difficult to see these sympathetic monsters who have taken residence at the Central Park after moving to the world of illustration. Perhaps hidden under your bed, or who knows, may be in your city one day.... About the Artist Illustrator and industrial designer Sadi Tekin was born in 1976 at Ankara. Grew up in İzmir and worked in Istanbul. Currently in New York, Sadi Tekin works with companies and agencies in USA and Turkey. In addition to Monsters of New York, he is working on his Mr. Chickpea series based on white roasted chickpeas, illustrations on serviettes and a book of short stories. CONTACT instagram: @monstersofnewyork facebook/monstersofnewyork twitter: @saditekin
Vol. 6
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