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Ruhi Su

Vol. 9

“Born into the world, people begin How nice of I come to such a beautiful world We’ve just arrived at people Begin to reign over the world”

Author: Tuğçe Asya Yaldız

Having a wisdom to convey the passion of living humanely and freely from the past to the future through folk songs, an artist, an intellectual, a lover of people, Ruhi Su... It has been 29 years since “melodic hearth”, having always signed the 20th century in favour of people and labour throughout his life with struggles, passed away and entrusted his passion of music to us. 

After an entire life which transformed into love, in the 29th year which Ruhi Su departed from us, the Ruhi Su Fiends Choir, along with the choir members who had come to the very this day since 1975, commemorated “music-minded man” by chanting Ruhi Su songs. 

Ten years after the founding of the choir, bidden farewell to him on 20 September 1985, the artist was buried with the participation of up to tens of thousands of his lovers by chanting folk songs and slogans, becoming a major movement on a mass scale of that period. 
 Ruhi Su interpreted dozens of songs, from opera to Alawite folk songs with his unique style and bass-baritone voice. In his life full of journeys; always considering the rare to valuable, he was the owner of a compilation of folk songs, which begun to disappear. The reason why Su is called music-minded man is that he had presented works in the direction of his purpose by handling through philosophical thinking during the production of folk music. 
This deep attitude and addressing to the public can be clearly seen in his performance. In his music are community, history, struggle and love. Surely, this self-conscious stance will continue to live in the folk songs which will be brought to life by the next generations after him by reproducing sound from sound.
Vol. 9
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