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Keman Sanatçısı Meriç Fıratlı ile hayata geçirdiği “Projects of Being” oluşumunu ve uyguladığı ses terapisi “Pharmasono”yu konuştuk.

Röportaj: Damla Yılmaz

Tell us a little bit about yourself first.

I began my music education with the Ministry of Culture State Polyphonic Children’s Choir. After graduating from the violin department at Hacettepe University State Conservatory, I earned my master’s degree at Bilkent University School of Music and Performing Arts. I participated in several concerts and festivals in Turkey and abroad. I played with numerous orchestras including the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra, and Başkent University Academic Chamber Orchestra. I am currently playing in the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet Orchestra. During all of these processes I was interested in sound therapy. In 2015, I earned the Group Sound Therapy Diploma from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, and later launched “Projects of Being”, which is quite a comprehensive title. With “Pharmasono”, which we can describe as a pharmacy of sounds, I conduct a variety of healing sound and music activities.

Can you elaborate “Projects of Being”?

 The “Projects of Being” name was inspired by a dream I had about what I was already doing and it matched the practical aspects of life beautifully. We are all here in this world to be able to exist, and express ourselves, but the conditions we live in generally do not allow it. We are faced with many challenges such as health issues and stress. When I started working with sound in this context, I realized that this is primarily a “self-realization” project for me. Then came the search for a name, and I found it inspired by a dream I had. In my dream, I had a company called “Projects of Existence” where a large team asked people what they needed for their existence, and then they tried to bring those needs to life by designing projects. I thought, “actually this is a reflection of my existence”, and named it the “Projects of Being”. It aims to be a structure that strives to realize all the ideas worth existing. Any interdisciplinary idea can be included. That is, a structure that can accommodate a variety of therapies and workshops like Pharmasono.

So, what is Pharmosono? How do you apply it?

Sound and music have great impact on the human body. Sound is a stimulus that affects us physiologically, psychologically and neurologically. When applied in certain ways, it helps to prepare the grounds to slow down the heartbeat, decrease stress hormone, secrete happiness hormones, and for the body to actually regulate itself. At the same time, hearing is an abstract sense, so the sound-emotion connection is established very quickly. Pharmasono was based on the idea that sound can be used as a healing tool in life. Sound healing, or sound therapy as it is generally known, is applied across the world. The participants can be “active” or “passive”. Sound and music with healing properties are applied. Sometimes it can be totally based on relaxation and meditation; in such cases the participants can join by lying down and listening, and sometimes the theme changes and we work on elevating the energy levels. Of course, then the participants are standing, dancing and body movements can be involved. In some sessions participants also play instruments. We hold individual as well as group sessions. When it is individual, we can conduct more analyses of specific issues. On the other hand, with groups, we create a collective energy, and while we embark on our personal journeys, we also have a great time reminiscent of tribal life.

Do you host other workshops with Pharmasono?

Yes, there are many ongoing projects, with more to come. For instance, last November I launched “Organic Intelligence”, a new program integrated with Pharmasono. Organic Intelligence is about trauma analysis and empowerment through physical experiencing. These two systems will be harmonized beautifully, and will have even more depth. Pharmasono can combine with many disciplines like this one. For nearly two years, we have been hosting dual workshops, combining Ziya Azazi’s “Dervish in Progress” with “Projects of Being”. The DIP & PROBE workshop allows the participants to visit their deep inner self and see its true potential. And it also opens up ways to implement the practices in everyday life. Our efforts aim to stretch the body and the mind, as well as the senses and feelings through sounds and whirling movements!

How are the participants’ responses?

We get very positive feedbacks. The experience is a story, your own story where the longer it takes, the more depth you can go into. Sometimes they just stay on the physical level, and sometimes they take endless journeys when they enter a meditative state. Sometimes they enter that state with a purpose in mind. For instance, if they have a question about an issue they want to solve, they can come out with the answer. We have participants who come in feeling pain, and later say that the pain is gone. They usually say, “you should have been there” for the experience, and this makes us very happy.

This is really intriguing! When is the next workshop?

We have two dual workshops soon. The first will be on 28-30 April in Istanbul, and the second on April 16-23 in Datça. Meanwhile, the Pharmasono sessions are offered all the time.

How do people interested in your work follow you?

On Facebook, we have the  “Projects of Being” page, and the “Dervish in Progress” groups. They can visit the websites,, and For individual and group Pharmasono sessions, they can write to: 

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