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Anne Pomel

Anne Pomel is a French artist & illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She grew up on the west coast of France in a sleepy, seaside town. While at university in Paris, she studied both fashion and graphic design, and worked mostly on clothing and patterns for several years. Now she prefers the simplicity of pencil and ink, drawing visual diaries that incorporate symbol, song, and a lot of snakes and smileys. Her work has been published in several magazines all over the world, and she has stickers, zines, and pins available for purchase and is currently a guest artist for online platform The Club of Odd Volumes. When probed about her drawings, Anne says, “The reason I drew them is because I can’t say them.” Besides, she finds what you think about her art much more interesting.

Muhammet Ali Üzen

Born in Istanbul in 1993, Üzen graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts with a degree in Art. In addition to illustrating magazines and books, he also draws and paints for his personal projects. 

Anna Katharina Jansen

Anna Katharina Jansen (born 1988 in Germany) is an illustrator, who first studied Communication Design in Aix-La-Chapelle (Germany), did several internships, studied in Essen and then abroad in Penang (Malaysia) to finally find out that she never ever wanted to work in the fields of Graphic, Web or Advertising Design. So she added a master’s degree in illustration in Hamburg (Germany) and a lot of her free time to became what she is now: A happy illustrator with a small studio at the German Seaside. Most of her works are created analog with pencil and acrylic paint, afterwards scanned and finally arranged in Photoshop.

Sayı 14
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