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“Nothing is impossible!” We should perhaps try to wear ​“​communications​“​ inside out to get a better grasp of this unusual approach because these people are more concerned with the impossible rather than what is possible and conventional. They believe that “anything can be possible” and want to think long and hard to create together. Communication, for them, is the subject of their work. Here comes “Olmadık Projeler” (Unusual Projects)….

Interview: Şener Yılmaz Aslan

What does the Unusual Projects Atelier do?

It is a co-working space, a welcoming home open freely to all individuals and organizations… It also serves as the office of the communications agency of the same name and the showroom of “olmadık dükkân” (, an online shop of unique designs. As a boutique co-working space, there is always a place at the table for anyone who wants a desk to work on. In addition to hosting designer workshops, the Atelier also offers a meeting space for organizations and a free photography studio. As a member of the international ClevverMail system, it is the Turkey address of the cloud office network, which currently covers more than 20 countries around the world. In short, the Unusual Projects Atelier loves being a part of everything “unusual”. And its door is open to all kinds of unusual work, and thinking and creative minds!

How was the idea of creating this atelier born? How did you start it?

There are many people talking about systems that support start-ups and initiatives, about co-working spaces, cafés and the rising coffee trend, about making investments and flying on your own wings. All of these are a way of generating income and yet no one really talks about “co-creating”. We started by addressing several key issues. We asked questions like why don’t we create together rather than trying to make money by investing in and then renting working spaces to people, why don’t we get directly involved in the production and management process to grow ideas together. We thought we would contribute to the work and earn collectively. We were already experienced in the communications field; and with software developers, designers, and strategists on board we saw that we could meet most of the needs. We included a communications agency in the business model, and launched our start-up ideas, brought them together under the Olmadık Projeler umbrella, set up an atelier – not an office – for ourselves and finally opened the door of the Unusual Projects Atelier to all. 

How does the Atelier system function?

It can be easier to explain it in reverse order! The Atelier really offers all of its facilities and equipment for free. Everyone who comes in to work, to create only pays for what they eat and drink. By interacting with our visitors who share this space with us, and engaging in conversations we expand our wealth of knowledge and get to meet new people from all walks of life. We not only provide space but also offer access to new options and alternative projects. 

The Olmadık Projeler Communications Agencyworks with organizations on contract, gets involved in all communications-related processes, designs and implements projects for them. With its wealth of experience and growing human resource, the agency is able to respond to all needs at scale. The agency finances the atelier, and the atelier supports people. People bring their competencies and skills to the table while Olmadık Projeler’s own projects are rapidly brought to life as well. Software, architectural design, product design, engineering projects and much more… This is how the Atelier, though the agency, offers its visitors opportunities to produce together with organizations. 

What are some of the projects you have implemented so far? 

The first project we launched was Tablet & Coffee, an interior design concept, which is also the current interior design concept of the Atelier. 

The communications agency started around the same time. We are working with a number of leaders in their fields including Ersa, itelligence, VitrA, Kolay İK, Clonera,, and Sinemasal on a regular or project basis. 

In addition to the atelier and communications agency, Olmadık Projeler is also engaged in other projects and initiatives: is a charitable search engine project that we implemented with the support of our business partners and launched a platform where each search is converted to a donation of 1 kuruş (Turkish Lira denomination); and the website is still active. 

We launched as the first SaaS (software as a service) Press Release Distribution Service, which is a system we developed to help businesses with small budgets to reach the media. 

And there is also olmadık dükkân (, an online shop that offers unique designs on a platform that allows creative designers to connect with the consumer. 

On the other hand the projects that we support and are involved in are countless...

What have you got in store for the future?

Olmadık Projeler is based on the HuaaS (human intelligence as a service) business model, meaning we offer experiences and competencies of people as services. Because we have ideas to defend, and a say in all communications-related areas, we are able to develop partnerships in diverse fields. For instance, as we became even more competent in software, we began to operate as IdeaSoft’s solution partner. We provide support to the entrepreneurs at the Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center K-WORKS. We also take part in the TEB Entrepreneurship House program. We aim to grow with our business model, and truly believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place by producing and creating with this model. We have dreams and of course projects for the future… As a teaser for some of the projects we are working on, there is a vending machine, a library and a theater stage in the works… We also have plans to go international in 2017. 

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