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Offices Act for the Nature with Green Office

Vol. 2

The Green office program executed by WWF-Turkey supports offices to develop sustainable environmental policies and to establish an effective environmental management system through insuring smart use of the natural resources.

WWF aims at reducing the pressure of human on natural resources and his Ecological Footprint. Green office implemented by WWF-Turkey Office towards this goal allows the opportunity to the offices to develop more nature compatible processes. The Program aspires to raise awareness of office employees about carbon emissions, in particular, energy saving, renewable resources, conscious use of the natural resources, and changing the lifestyles. The Green Office Program enables the participant companies to evaluate the office resources and consumption systematically in order to define savings criteria; and in this sense, the offices are enabled to form their own environmental management systems. The Green office Program applied by WWF-Turkey Office sets the existing resource usage in the office with the contributions of the company employees, in this perspective, intending to establish applicable resource management for the offices and decrease the damages caused by the offices to the environment. The participant companies decreases the pressure caused by them on the natural resources on one hand, and have savings through the reduction in the office expenses on the other hand. Starting off to this end the offices, through Green Office, aims at reduction targets in the variety of areas such as energy use, transportation and efficient use of the materials. The offices managed to reach the preset targets will be entitled to a Green Office Diploma Green Office supports the environmental policies developed by the companies in order to protect the nature, and paves the way for extending the sustainable applications in the offices. Contributing the corporate images of the companies the Program also brings value to the communication activities related to the company’s employees and target population.
Declaration on Energy Efficiency of Buildings was Signed. The Business Sphere and Sustainable Development Association (SKD) prepared “the Declaration on Energy Efficiency of Buildings” in order to draw the attention to the high energy usage in buildings and to reduce the energy usage. The Declaration is a concern to all entities in Turkey in particular public and private sectors, universities, and civil society organizations, and is open for signing by all. Taner Yıldız the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources also attended the signature ceremony of “the Declaration on Energy Efficiency of Buildings” organized on January 10, Thursday, within the scope of the 4th International Energy Efficiency Forum and Fair, proclaiming his support for the Declaration. The Declaration on Energy Efficiency of Buildings notes that the standards required to insure energy efficiency in commercial buildings will increase the demand for energy efficient buildings globally. The Declaration, emphasizing that the standards required to insure energy efficiency in commercial buildings will increase the demand for energy efficient buildings globally, underlines that the common effort is for insuring significant improvement in energy use and carbon emission. The Declaration also mentions that the goal of this platform aiming at energy usage performance of all companies in Turkey in addition to the members of the SKD includes five actions for the participants. The companies undersigning the Declaration are committed to perform such five actions.
Vol. 2
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