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"Noktaları Birleştirelim"

Vol. 3

6.Uluslararası Öğrenci Trienali / 4-5 Haziran 2013

6th International Student Triennial Symposium aims to question the art-design education by bringing together theoreticians and researchers from different disciplines with the title Connecting The Dots / Noktaları Birleştirelim. The symposium aims to reconsider the area and build interdisciplinary relations within this process by questioning the past/current/future strategies that are carried out in the art and design education, theoretical and practical field. While “Connecting The Dots/ Noktaları Birleştirelim” as an idiom serves the most creative process of creativity, that is a short, clear and predetermined thinking that reaches from one piece to another, it metaphorically refers to the whole, articulation to each other and many different exposure areas. This basic proposal that forms the title of the 6th International Student Triennual Symposium aims to bring together the “Dots” that are required for the whole to be formed/to form the whole and thus present new contexts and concepts.
The symposium contains many different questions such as the exposure areas of today’s art and design thoughts and education, the tools that they use, their relation with the new and the experimental. In today’s world where the far is made near, the different is similar thanks to the globalization phenomenon, the art and design education makes it obligatory to apply and discuss the new educational methods. The schools that are long used as a model across the world are evolving into brand new and different models; this evolution brings together novelties and different perception in art/design education. The design theory/practice that is stuck between the mundane and the utopic; struggling with codes, cannons, standards and dystopias; that has to choose between going against the nature or coming along with it and the art included in the “post-art” discussions are going to be analyzed with all aspects in the same platform in this symposium; how the art and design education can be designed in this new world order and how it can be made different, how new approaches can be adopted will be tabled and discussed.
Vol. 3
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