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Kunter Şekercioğlu Interview

Vol. 2

In the social media, you are known with  the phrase  “Eye thinks, hand talks, Mock-up, leave the mark” Could you tell us please what did you mean?

"Eye thinks, hand talks" are the vocational trending sayings infact.Meanwhile there is a differance between looking and seeing.I mean, we could not particularly perceive what we are looking at; Hovewer seeing has comprehensive perception.Some thing like that. As a professional seeing is not enough alone, it rings a bell in your mind, ideas, then you start to evaluate them, and suddenly a new project comes out. When you are stimulated enough by the brain, this turns out to be as an output of your hand. Our printer is our hands. The Mock-up, leave the mark is for the young designer and the undergrads.This is also valid to me. No matter how good you are dreaming of, even if the detailed enhencement in your drawing and in your dream,when it comes to the real wold of the 3 dimensional objects, the probability of understanding the perception of the dimensions, without associated with hand, body, human being, and also without biting, and smahing in it is almost imossible.  Without thinking how it looks like and testing it in the real world, I would not say that  we could go for the production. This can be done by making a prototype, not prototype making mock-up first, or simple dummy so we can see the dimensions. By this way we can criticize and make the necessary changes if needed. Ofcourse the Mock-up is not the final product, but it may leave its mark. The trace of it will be living on the real products when it developes. We apply the same things in the office. If needed we work with model clay, ceramic clay, styrofoam, and paper. When we want to touch it and grab with hand, we make the dummy, and we do it again and again untill we are satisfied. All develop from the first  mock-up having its trace.

Would you like to talk about evolution in the design?

I was graduated in 1996. At the end of the 90’s there is no intense demand and conditions for performing the  industrial design profession. Because the design competition had not yet begun in sectors. Now all the people in the sectors know each other very well, instead of making good profit, they are inside the competition who will design better, and who will be the design oriented. This also affects the culture and the DNA. This was not the case 15 years ago. Fore that reason I would say  I am the witness of the design competition in Turkey. In fact this not only mine, but also something like evolution  of the whole design sector in Turkey.  I came across with, how the  Intensity of the design work gain momentum, in a very accurate way. 

Then can we say in this approach you and your peer collague has an effect?

That is correct. Because, we have graduated from the university quite new and we couldn't really easy to find the job. Maybe 10 friends, we became friends later. When we graduted we didn't know each other. I will do this job, i will make an job interview with this company, i have an idea like this. Can we convince them, can we develop together, this kind of an positive, constructive, insistive mode can easily help us to become a reason to start some things easily. Naturally I could work with a company, that company could give an importance to design value more and launch the product. Competitive firms can say "Mr. Kunter has worked with this company so maybe we work with another designer" or otherwise. One of my collagues could design for one company a product and because of the competitor spirit they could say lets work with Mr. Kunter.

What do you think about the numbers of the designer talked about with his design and self-referenced with competitive spirit?

This is again something like related with the supply/demand. We are a bevy of people here. I am not saying that not only of his known works, known work principles, or desired designer to be work with; I am saying the question of why it is so little people as an office owner, a littel higher level with more business group, is because of the employer's request. There was no one; now there exist design offices and designers, yes little but it is OK!.it will increase.

What do you think triggers this increase in?

The count of elements that trigger the process for the last 15 years, we have to talk about the design competitions,awards, exhibitions, and / or expositions. Starting with the AD Design Fair, and then İstanbul Design Week  were very efficient processes. This triggrered the litle bit more  awareness , being in line with, channeling for the new product showcase, and acting together. This allowed the establishment of culture. This was important; in any medium the designer found himself with an idea, try to find a costumer, or making business with. The Biennial is the last point. As a co-exhibitors, workshops organized by the companies, in that manner all the differences made  the profession support and grow up . The number of designers who work productive, and productive design employer is increasing due to the firms.

How the solution partnerships goin on wth the  design-oriented  manufacturers?

In general, it  differs the specification and the reason for the existence for the customer. Will be sold very cheaply ; but the product can be produced in a million, or it can be given 3 to 5 years product warranty electronics, or it can be shurt turm, single use item., or  it can be   durable furniture. The stories are changing. At this point, By holding our breath and deep brain storming with the customers, we find out the best solutions. 

What is the most beautiful prizes can a designer and design can get?

The production of the product. Especially consider the young designer's first product was produced. He became a parents, and given first baby in his lap. When he tasted this feeling there is return. Once you live it, ok!this is happening right, when it happens it happens very nice, And it come s I wnat another child too,itis stretching the chest for any challenge. You are fully feel as a parent after him. You are one of the parents; because the other production and marketing parties.You decide what kind of child to produce. Then the product is used, after words you are witnessing that your product is under use. In fact the person who uses a product that you design, without knowing that you produced it, takes out of his pocket. Like a National Geographic Design series, and watching the jaguar in her place. You want to say do you know I design that product. Or in a moment, in a friendly atmosphere, you are saying this and it is changing the person’s overwiev to the product. If he  using it very lovely dote on  like “ Ofcourse I love it very much” he is proud to use something that is designed deliberately. A surprise interference in this way, is becoming an even greater prize. It is something like  once upon a time you were given a baby but she grove up and take the stage for Prom. Then you feel excited.

Can we listen   “Label de l'Observeur du design 11”  and  “Best Design of Design Turkey ”  to the awarad-winning product Dervish?

Its a feeling that's a far cry from. All his parents, are us, a pincess.  Therefore we pamper him,  he is allways at home. I do not want it to be a mainstream product, I do not want to be used without knowing what for either, knowing its philosophy, I would like to use them by telling the story of this cup design. If I talk about the story, the homeland of coffee is Ethiopia and a native of does not drink coffee. There is a small tree and they grind the fruit, flour into bread and then eat it. When The shepherds saw the grazing goats start to jumping after eating its fruits, then they realized that the coffee has the awakening effect. Ther is a Myth situation there. Yemenis against the neighboring Red Sea brings you into the first drinkable coffee. It’s said Mysticism by Sufi sects of Islam, due to the effect of keeping awake, remembrance for increase durability in zikir ceremonies ,roast it, grind it, and mill it and then Put a heat source of potable water and cook it. It is brought up to that principles. And it settled as a culture in the dervish lodge. The pilgrims walk around and with the hajj culture  they took the coffee  every where. The coffee comes to Istanbul after conquest of Yemen. Then it is called as Turkish coffee.  Since it is the simplest way of cooking coffee, it is still known as it is. All of this historical process, we know we have seen the culture of coffee overlapping so I design  Dervish. There are coffee rituals.You will not cook it when you alone whenever someone drops it is well wth the chat, so-and-so brother comes to play  backgammon coffee completes the treats, both the bride and the groom measuring tool for  girl askin Ceremonies. It is socializing occasion, there are proverbs. It consistent with the civilized attitudes and tolerance. This is mysticism and the Mevlevi culture, reminding me that still exist in Anatolia, not only Dervish as a form; In the functional size during the whirling ceremony (Sema) I figur out as a reference to whirling dervish’s tennure. So there is no need handle, double-skinned female-to-male kissing each other in a more intimate grip housing system; thin fragile, may fall, but without bothering its ubroken, instead feeling its warm, understanding into a product that eliminates the status of spill spill.

What can you say about Turkey's most valuable design reward system Design Turkey?

It was given 2008, 2010 and 3rd in 2012 Turkey’s a properly organized, the most important organization. It will be better, and it must be. Because this is not a competition organized by a commercial company to distribute awards, behind the Industrial Design Profession Agency, Design Advisory Council, On it Turquality, where the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade Undersecretariat of the largest national organization. It feeds design, designer, investment. It causes the developmen in the machinery lines, At the moment of saying we are making good design, it  enhances the expectation of a good evaluation system, this increament let us bring the size of the contact force and the material,  Consumer perception of the general consumer to develop a good design, is selectively cause.By developing the random consumers good design perceptions, ıt causes the consumer be selective. More than 30 years ago something that can not be found there exist and he can choose the best one.

Should there be an alternative reward system? 

If we look in a same manner to DesignTurkey rewarding system and the German Design Prize, then there is no IF and RedDot in Turkey. There is a a government official institutions like German Design Council, ETMK, The German Ministry of Economy, and Turkey Ministry of Economy and teher exist Design Turkey that we can critisize; There is no organized  RedDot and IF of design council of the states , or other commercial companies. It may be, for example Antalya exporters union can develop an evaluation system for the designs and then 2 years later brings it to the international arena. 

At this point, let's talk Design Turkey where the subject lead to joint international dimension?

There is an intention from the begining, the system should be ripen and set in, gain experience on the following dates, this year, it was said it'll be accredited, Design Turkey recognized by the Icsid (International Council of Society of Industrial Design); which is the top most design council in this field is became the well known awarding system. It proofs that the  important and selfless work been done.  

Vol. 2
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