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Kaan Bağcı Interview

Vol. 7

Genç ve üretken illüstratör Kaan Bağcı ile sizler için bir röportaj hazırladık, keyifli okumalar.

What is your story, how did the process taking you to illustration evolved? What was there in your life prior to illustration? Actually it is all because nothing went as I have planned. This is not a complaint, in fact I say it so because I like what happened. It seems it will continue as long as creation, expressing and the desire to criticize doesn’t end. For a long time I was involved with music and theatre. I participated in many projects local and abroad. Later, the graphics work I started due to financial needs overtook. At the time I used to sketch on the side but did not take it seriously. Then one day, thinking maybe I should publish those, I dropped an email to a Blog and gratifyingly they did not refuse and published. Within 5 minutes of publication I got my first official illustration work offer. I was delighted, continued work, the process evolved fast and I started to produce for many brands, agencies, magazines and publishing houses. I am still continuing the same way. You were involved with music, is the connection still there? If so at what level? I wish I could answer ‘yes’. Unfortunately, the instruments have gathered dust due to my preoccupation with work but the audiences are a must and it will continue. What type of materials do you like using in your drawings, pencils, paper types and others? Generally I am required to work digitally because of time and space. I have a little studio and everybody is on a deadline... These are the outside job assignments... In my personal work I generally use 2 sets of materials, first is the standard paper and pencil pair. In it I do not use very special material, the usual soft eraser, lead pencil grades like H, 2B, 4B, 6B and 9B. For paper I use the Fabriano 1.5mt x 10mt roll. The second set consists of acrylic paint, large black and white photograph prints, ink and glue. Your work titled “Trigonal Meshes & Animals” appear to be more detailed and seems to be consuming more time. It also seems to contain a subtext? Yes, in comparison to my other work these became more detailed and time consuming. There is a subtext, I thought long and hard to describe it, I wrote plenty but the path I follow meets at the point of self-estrangement and deformation of the subject entity. In order to express that estrangement and deformation more clearly I choose animals especially with large teeth or bigger horns. In reality and in some sense, a conflict of the digital and traditional are present in these works. I made a series in this form and now I am searching for other ways of deformation. I produced several works along these thoughts and used the traditional methods. Other works were digitals.
Lately we have seen that you are also illustrating on the walls, is there a lot of demand and what type of difficulties you encounter? Actually, drawing on a wall is incredible pleasure. Equally tiring too. In order to complete a 7 meter wall drawing I worked two 12 hour days. Maybe I am incompetent, I don’t know. Yes, there is a demand. There will be 3-4 jobs in Istanbul and one in Antalya. I will share the details soon. The main problem is drying and covering because of acrylic paint and brushes. Other than that these are areas with permits and I have had no other problems. Do you have an opportunity to exhibit your works? Do exhibits provide sales? Generally I’ve had opportunities to display in mixed exhibitions. But in reality I did not think of selling these. But it is gratifying when people ask. Soon I’ll have a personal exhibit soon in Izmir. I am working on those now. Also, my works will be displayed in a mixed exhibit at Amsterdam Kallenbach Gallery titled ‘Works On Paper’. I am waiting with excitement its opening day. Do you come to İstanbul frequently, isn’t the work potential higher here than Izmir? Yes, I come frequently for work and the potential is much higher here. Although I live in Izmir, I do work only for Istanbul. Istanbul is more advanced in terms of business and experience. Living in Izmir and doing jobs in Istanbul is a nice balance. In Izmir there is plenty of time, and jobs in Istanbul. This is how I plan to catch the duet of time and quality, and it looks like I might have already. We really liked your 2014 calendar, where did the idea of distributing a personal calendar to your friends came? This was an idea I had from the very beginning. With the encouragement of my friends I selected 6 works from 2013 and printed a calendar for friends and acquaintances. This was actually a private desire and I was very happy to have been able to do it with the support of my friends without whom it couldn’t have been done. Also, there were people always asking for prints and sometimes I was unable to find time for it. This calendar in a way responded to those requests. Now the people who have this calendar possess 6 of my works, that’s how I see it. By the way, you can download a pdf of that calendar.
Vol. 7
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