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"İkinci Yeni" Vintage Shop

Vol. 5

"The tailors came. Those scruffy clothes they wear in stillness, They were left half. They could not be completed. They loved their public rooms. They have passed the death sadly, they were fire worship. The city was at their doorstep, they heard it cry They cut, they harvested, they did not plant and they did not go, They threaded the needle and waited" Turgut Uyar

First of all, can you tell something about yourself? I was born in 1988, in Istanbul. I'm a senior in Kocaeli University, Department of Philosophy but I took a break in school for a while for some reason. Opening of the boutique is one of the reasons. It has been one and a half years since Ikinci Yeni is opened. It is a boutique in Kocaeli, Izmit. It is on a side street on which there are cafes that try to come into being and in which culture and arts activities are being tried to be continued. It is the Tahsin Marmara Street. This is a colorful street and the 'contrary' street of Izmit... Being 'contrary' comes from its colorfulness. For example, a cup of tea is not three TL, it is one and a half TL and this is the contradiction. Such formations are important. What is the story of 'İkinci yeni boutique vintage shop? Departure was with poetry. An energetic space dressed in ghostly whispers of old times. And the satin of time that the precisely operating sewing machine had left on the fabric... Each posture has a poem, I think the poets of İkinci Yeni had explained this; every moment is a little kid born by the blood of poetry, to make it poetic is the job of fabric. To say cufflinks shall be related with poetry and sorrow. They have always asked me where I bought my clothes. Now, I have brought it here and I sell. The idea of opening a boutique has evolved in this way, in its simplest form. It is an old-time clothing store which includes both the 'second hand' clothes and my own designs. How do you procure the clothes and do you make custom designs? I procure the clothes from flea markets at home and abroad, selecting one by one or from the persons who have clothes of old times. This process is very enjoyable as well as tricky and tiring. I do not do custom designs right now; I rather prefer to act according to my own pleasure and style. But soon I may perform personalized designs. Boutiques have a different feeling, the customers are hosted like a guest, do you provide this? Story. Here, everything has a story. People are engrossed in the life experience. By feeling that you will also add some life experience. The story of this shop is being written in this way. Also, the guests like to get it off their chest, here. For example, I hear that, 'I have told it to you for the first time in my life' they say, this secret makes both of us a story in fact. And he/she go out of here pleased. This is a very valuable and also a difficult thing to carry. Sometimes, it goes on how you begin. And that is good for everyone. A mutual secret agreement is established. What is the advantage of second-hand clothing, do you think? It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have a style, the thing called fashion, the thing that have to exist by destroying itself, it cannot be a necessity for the spiritual well-dressed person of our time, it is a risk. I think this is the advantage of second-hand clothing. Old things revive as they get old. To be able to catch this therapy is related with to be able to catch the olds. Today’s old things were the new ones once, weren’t they? Exactly here, we emphasize having a style, clothing good and clothing both cheap and smart. Yes, the old things of olden times became the new ones of today. And the thing called fashion proceeds exactly in this way. It is a thing that denies this but also eat this. Look at all the famous brands, almost all of them trace the old. Then, at this point it is useful to stop by the second-hand shops. Of course stop by the Ikıncı Yeni boutique:) Stop by for the poetry, for a chat, and for tracing the old times, accompanied by a cup of coffee and Edith Piaf at the background, padam padam... How can those who live outside the Kocaeli reach Ikinci Yeni? They can follow us on our Facebook page, it is updated every day and photos of dozens of products are loaded there every day. We sale product by cargo for the ones living outside the city
Vol. 5
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