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“The design of a toy may start when I begin to think about what I would like to play with if I were a child”

Röportaj: Ezgi Genç

Please tell us the story of

Gonca Ata: It was always my dream but it took 29 years for the idea of to mature.  Since my childhood, I have loved drawing, creating, and making things by myself instead of buying them. I spent most of my life painting. When I entered the School of Fine Arts in university, I chose to study Interior Architecture, which led to a growing interest in product design. After graduation I worked at different companies as an interior architect and designer but none of them satisfied my desire to create freely. Then I met a man who said, “What are you waiting for, do it!” when I told him my dreams, and also made the most of having a very gifted mother. My husband guided me every step of the way, and my mother helped me to bring my designs to life. And was born with the efforts of a very small team, and I am so glad it was.

How do you create your collections? Are you in charge of everything from design to production?

Creating a collection is purely a matter of inspiration. It can start when I begin to construct a story inspired by a seagull, or when I cannot find what I am looking for. For example, the design of a toy may start when I begin to think about what I would like to play with if I were a child. If I cannot find some details I would like to see in my home, my hands start to itch, and it evolves into a feeling of “If I can’t find it, I’ll make it myself.” Of course, the global trends, colors, architectural movements and many other factors also contribute to shaping the collection, after all these are the kind of details I am always dealing with as part of my profession. 

I am the designer, and my mother and I began to sew the soft products (like pillows and toys) together. But as the product and material range expanded, we enlisted the help of skilled craftsmen and artisans. Our foremost criteria are craftsmanship, quality materials, and being unique. 

How does your choice of materials vary? How do you make sure that your products are characteristic? 

Each collection has its own spirit; for instance in our priority is to offer healthy, practical products that appeal to kids while in the collection it can be on-trend colors and fabrics. The choice of materials can vary depending on how the product will be used, but even so we always want to make sure that it is unique and valuable for the owner. Contrary to passing fads and easily consumed products, we value the importance of creating designs that will be treasured for many years. Since we also provide services tailored to individuals / businesses, we have the opportunity to design spaces and products according to demand; this is the advantage of offering interior design and product support together. This is a process that increases satisfaction and allows us to experience the beauty of personalization. We transform what is imagined into tangible products and spaces, so you are only limited with your imagination!

What are your sources of inspiration? What is the world where your products live like?

I believe that inspiration comes from love. When you look at nature, animals and your surroundings with love, you will see that inspiration is everywhere. 

I am passionate about designing and producing, which influences my creativity and perspective. Traveling, eating good food, listening to music with a loved one nourish me, I cherish these moments and accumulate them. When my box is full, it is time to take them out. Different designs may take varying amounts of time to mature. I want my productions to have an impact on a 5-year old kid as well as a 45-year old doctor, for instance. I know that people have different tastes but I still believe that the brain first chooses the nicer looking one. Beauty is appreciated. More than being a successful local company, our main aim is to become a universal value. As long as we do not compromise on quality production, I don’t think any obstacle could keep this from happening. We have world-class textiles and craftsmen but we don’t have confidence. I hope that this will change in the coming years, and we as a Turkish company will carve our own space on international platforms. 

Where do we find products?

The greatest strength of is that it has its own website, where you can access us and buy our products. We can reach anyone in Turkey or around the world and sell our products. Having a website gives us the chance to be a 24/7 open design store. We are also available on other websites, and we collaborate with various companies and participate in design events. These are all shared on our social media pages. You can follow everycool on Instagram, and on Facebook. 

What are your latest and upcoming projects?

We started collaborating with other brands, and soon you will see on very different platforms. We will be launching new products for kids, and we are also preparing to keep the pulse of fashion with our collection. New collections are on the way and the next concept will be a complete surprise so stay tuned!

Sayı 15
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