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Ersa & Design Biennial

Vol. 2

Ersa involved in the Parallel Attendant program in which events linked to Biennial theme are realized by the architecture and design office and firms operating in creative areas discussed the Imperfection and Perfection concepts with the students of Ece Insulation and Design Department.

As each person has his exclusive DNA and fingerprint, the designs of the nature are exclusive, such as snowflakes and tree knobs... In use of wood as necessary component in furniture the knobs and color variations on the same type of coating are considered as imperfections. However, the thing making each product distinguished from others is this defect or another say its natural state. Non symmetrical nature of two sides of our faces or a mole on our lips will make us “defective” on one hand and “distinguished” on the other hand. From this perspective, the design of the nature may be defined as both perfect and imperfect. As the perfection refers to being one and not being an imitation, being raw and unprocessed may be considered as imperfection. In industrial design, the final product would provide a unique solution to the person even if the production processes using natural material includes technology and automation.
Vol. 2
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