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Erdal İnci Interview

Vol. 6

"GIF is a format exceeding 25 years. In the recent years with the internet getting faster, it becomes suitable for video apart from animation. It has a structure that you can paste wherever you wish without needing a player."

First, can you shortly introduce yourself? I was born in 1983 in Ankara. I was graduated from the Painting Department of Hacettepe University. I was interested in videos and photos in school years. After graduation, digital arts started to attract me more than ever and I mainly created 3d animations that repeat themselves. Then I started to record videos assuming that I could apply these animations in videos with the modeling. I settled in Istanbul in 2009 and I started to make freelance Works. I am also continuing to my art Works. When does the GIF date back to? What is its difference from photograph or video? The animations and videos I create move in an infinite loop. You know this is also the structure of a GIF. GIF is a format exceeding 25 years. In the recent years with the internet getting faster, it becomes suitable for video apart from animation. It has a structure that you can paste wherever you wish without needing a player. That’s why it is direct and very suitable for sharing. I can say it is a hybrid format between these two. The most important characteristic of GIF is that it has a continuity in, that is an infinite loop is obtained by bringing the beginning and the end of the same actionntogether. Did this affect you?  Yes, there is a term called the perfect loop. When you consider time not as a straight line but as a circled curve, you have an infinite loop. If you perform Works in this mathematics, GIF perfectly meets your needs. Can we say that these infinite loops in your Works include a reference regarding the routine of the metropolis life and business life? The place has a great affect on the Works I take outdoors. If you are doing a work in the street, its connotations will be about the social life. Of course I build my work considering this. I started to feel the responsibility of this more in my recent Works. I act in accordance with the opportunities of the techniques I use My relationship with time and movement is what the relationship of a painter with the form and colors is. It can be said that I additionally carry the compositional concerns of a photographer. Tumblr is a very convenient platform for GIF, and you have a magnificient number of followers, how could you manage this? That’s not my expression but they say my GIFs are hypnotic and they awake weird feelings. I guess it is because they are in infinite loop. They are actually videos which are 1-2 seconds long. But they feel as if they were longer. They became news in many publications such as ThisisColossal , Gizmodo , Hifructose, HuffingtonPost last year. Besides, in the main page of tumblr, they introduce some Works for a couple of hours under the name of Tumblr Radar. 8-10 of my Works were introduced there. Are there any GIF artists you are interested in and you follow? I adore Vince McKelvie’s Works recently. Did you have the opportunity to exhibit your Works? Do you work with a certain fixed gallery or do you have plans to do sofor the future? Yes, I participated in various group exhibitions during last two years. We made my personal exhibition called “Movement Patterns” in Bauart Gallery last December. GIFs in my blog are small sized. I show the Works in their original sizes in the exhibitions. I will continue to work with galleries as long as there is demand in this context. There has been a Donate button in my blog for the last 1 year. But the Money collected is really few. Today, digital artists need gallery representations. But I believe this will change in time. What kind of Works do you make apart from GIF? Did you drift away from canvas as a painting department graduate or do you continue painting? I never drifted away from drawing even though I don’t do painting. I carried these drawing to streets last year under the name of Penç. I opened a facebook page with the same name. Right now I share GIDs there. What would you like to say as a last word? How can people reach you? is my blog where I share my GIFs and current news. They can reach me from facebook form videos.
Vol. 6
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