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Ekin Urcan Interview

Vol. 9

Ekin Urcan was a graphic design graduate, born in 1988, İzmir, living in Kadıköy. Working in the advertisement agencies and producing graphics as a freelancer on the one hand, he tries to continue his art works on the other hand...

Could you tell the process during which your drawings emerged? Although what I have always tried to do for my drawings to be rational and pre-planned, they almost develop instantaneously by itself. When the material is evident, a sudden lighting messed the environment up, and what has to be done has done. Something that I hear when I was walking on the road here and there and studying at my desk, causing the formation of the unrelated lines and images. For instance, when I am doing my job on the computer, the pen and paper are available in front of me and something unavoidably remains there at the end of the day. On the other hand, something develops like a “drawing diary.” The name of your personal exhibition at Torun was “Undefined”. Why couldn’t you define your characters happened, I think you should have an exit point, what do you say about this? The entry point affects a lot, rather than the exit point! It emerges and develops based on the interaction. The affecting thing cannot be identified by consciousness sometimes. And this requires a neurological description. I did what I had to, you define...
Have ever had the possibility of exhibiting your drawings and Do you have an intention of becoming an artist of a gallery? How are you evaluating the galleries? From time to time, I am invited by the group exhibitions. Maybe there will be the second personal exhibition soon. The definition of gallery artist is very far away for now. Is the art an institution that makes your living by working? It depends on the attitude of the gallery. I have friends who are working with the gallery and are happy, and the ones who are with plenty of complaints. Could you tell us about the movies you watch, music you listen to and the artists you follow? In brief, what inspires you? I think the movies is very important source for this profession. Leos Carax is a director who left his mark, with which I am impressed the most. I watch every movie of him. Kadıköy Sound! Cenk Taner is the best songwriter I’ve ever seen. The latest album of Nick Cave and the movie 20,000 days on earth that I watched last week, caused my admiration to increase. By the way, there was a project in which I produced ambient, drone, noise, electroacoustic, experimental sound designs. Such as dubbing trial of drawing...( When I am answering this interview, I am listening to Leonard Cohen. There are lots of people in the field of art that I love to follow, I think it takes long to count them one by one. The illustrator that I discovered recently, Andy Rementer, attracting my attention a lot. Maybe, you can make recommendations us as watching-listening? Movie: Frank - Lenny Abrahamson (2014) Music: Dongs of Sevotion - Smog Book: En Güzel Günlerini Demek Bensiz Yaşadın (So you have lived the most beautiful days without me)- Can Gürses
Vol. 9
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