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Eda Kabasakal Interview

Vol. 5

"Generally I try to transfer every emotion that each person experiences. Yes, I am a bit emotional person as well and therefore this makes my work easier on some parts."

Ela Kabasakal, was born in February 22 in Istanbul, she made her first steps into Art in primary school times by her interest in Art and Music, this drew her parents attention. As of secondary school times, she took her place in Art workshop and decided that she could spent her whole life over Art and continued her education in fine arts vocational high school. She completed her high school education on Graphic Design and advanced to university in department of Sculpture; also she was interested in music and has taken few steps towards it. With cello training she took, she started to turn her jazz vocal dreams into reality. There fore she started with her music training creating songs and lyrics, she met jewelry design in Marmara University, Fine Arts Department, which is recently her favorite and she forms her education according to that. Nowadays, she continues her music carrier and education, she also design jewelry and sculpture art. How do you define collection for the designs you make? Generally, by taking into focus what I have lived, felt and observed than I materialize them. All in all, designer must assess both sadness and happiness. Because for me, everyone must have a word to say, some of them by singing some with observing literature etc. so these blessings must be benefitted, and I transfer my troubles with this way. For example what if we would take a example complying with collection, from which perceptions you come up with and how do you tell the line for your products? Lastly I had a collection with loop magnifying glass theme, I have put forth this collection while thinking people must give significance to some details in life when the time comes. Again as I told, my experiences or observations; I like feeding from everything; even music, antique ages etc. Especially I like the magical atmosphere of antique ages. On all of my collections I definitely emphasize that of course I modernized some of my collections but It is possible to catch that tone as well. What inspires you most on your designs? Of course music inspires me most on my designs. As of my childhood I have learnt that these two must always be used in combination. Once you are into Art, how right it would be if you just occupy with only a part of it; some literature some theatre, and I focused on the music part of the art. You may always find something on my sculptures, pictures and jewelry of course, and sometimes I write lyrics and compose myself, I guess its epidemic. Music.. I may say that I feed on that much. I even have a list composed of Jazz and Classical music that I play before I start designing, but after my design time is done, I love playing my cello. Then we may say that you feed your designs with music as well. Which kind of music you enjoyed to listen and what are your book choices ? Jazz.. Escpecially I have passion for classic jazz. Already I try to be a vocal for the lyrics and compositions that I wrote humbly. Of course I do like classical music as well. Barock is my favorite and I have little obsessions on this. I sort out like a select dinner. For the books, I generally like reading books like Biography. It helps being under the effect of people’s lives. What do you think is it possible to push sculpture into appreciation of people in our country and even them to become more sensitive on this? In fact I have made a research and a presentation to measure the reaction of people on Sculpture Art. I believe significance of Art steps forward against previous periods but I guess this requires more time. Because community sees the Sculpture Art as extra element and for that I don’t find it odd. So there are always material or spiritual difficulties for us. I guess this is disease of our world that spreads country to country. I hope for one, we become peaceful than in serene. Which conceptions do you refer generally on your sculptures that you try to materialize? Generally I try to transfer every emotion that each person experiences. Yes, I am a bit emotional person as well and therefore this makes my work easier on some parts. For example I am walking on a road, what effects me there, which feeling emotion, in that atmosphere I transfer it through filtering in my thoughts. Love, happiness, pain, excitement, fear.. These are my materials and of course music and Italy helps them as well. What do you think about the persons even corporate perspective towards art , that live in a community together with their current conditions against changing developing system of people? I like studying many aspects of the art. As I said before, an artist must have word to tell about theatre and literature as well. How can she make references to the agenda, policy with other ways? Like people look around we have to look twice but sadly not community I believe many artists cannot hold onto their agenda well. Art is not that just a part of concepts. I have a lot more to tell in fact on this but let’s talk about something nice.
Vol. 5
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