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Dilan Bozyel

Vol. 4

"No Feminism, suchism and suchism in the land of living. We shouldn’t limit things with ‘ism’s. Otherwise we cannot breathe. We are living in a huge universe."

Who is Dilan Bozyel? How did his story of photography start? I am the middle daughter of a mother from Limasol and a father from Lice, who has two ears and three eyes, including a heart, who was born in Diyarbakır on 1 July, which is the hottest day of 1985. I am a women of Cancer, with the ascendant sign Pisces, having 27 syndromes; who served as a announcer and a dubber for 9 years in TRT Children’s Radio; who performed various roles at Children’s Theatres, and following that, was sent to İstanbul, irrelatively, to study business in English; who started to write for the music magazines besides the school as a hobby and following that entered to photography by taking photos for her own articles due to the lack of visuality in her writings. Well I skipped the most important point; I am a photographer, who dropped out the school while studying business and took her own photos throughout the treatment of the illness she went through, and who were accepted to the schools of London College of Communication and London Academy of Art in London, and who entered into the art of photography with a sharp blow, moving further away from her hometown. I think you mostly use digital. Well, how do you like analog photography? I think I don’t mostly use digital :) the 35mm shoot-throw away cameras, analog cameras, and Polaroid cameras take up a significant portion of my life. But most of the frames that I share online consist of my digital shots; I think I have a problem of patience or I enjoy seeing my analog shots in print. I may somewhat be confused, too. How should the sense of aesthetics be in a photograph? Do you have a criterion? I think, the reason why I go opposite to the world is not because of my stubbornness, but it originates from my nature. I am against the standard sense of aesthetics in the world. I think this is the reason why I find the ladies and men, participating in the beauty contests and bringing up the rear, beautiful : ) I am in favour of not having permanent criteria, but as you gain experience, you cannot collide the majority and target audience in your business life, and you remain obliged to file your pleasures, and accordingly, you string along with the existing world. I think I string along just my right leg. I may be confused too much, not somewhat. Can we correlate the catamaran characters existing in the Website with feminism? Is there any message that you want to give? No Feminism, suchism and suchism in the land of living. We shouldn’t limit things with ‘ism’s. Otherwise we cannot breathe. We are living in a huge universe. Why should we stubbornly bung up ourselves in an elevator? I wished and shoot in that way; it was interpreted this way or understood that way. If I prop my right index finger on my cheek and say ‘I tried to tell this and that in this work of mine’, please bite my finger. If I don’t get involved within a boundary, I cannot place the people, interpreting my works, in a limit, either. Let everybody feel free. Let them load their own remarks on it, so that the halidome, called art, serve for its purpose accurately. How do you regard the arts other than photography, in general? Can the notion of art have a definition, in your opinion? Sometimes my father, who is a doctor, lays his hands on my mind. On such days, I say ‘we, the idles, call our laziness art, and live driftingly’. I recover myself with a shower, and smile. I consider the art holly and miracle, just think; there are lots of denominators among 7 billions, and God took me and created Dilan from paste, and placed among the other mankind in the dividend of the denominator of art. We must be grateful, grateful, and grateful. It seems as if those who are not in the denominator of art must be grateful for those gathering in the denominator of art; please don’t perceive this request of mine as disrespect. Life doesn’t become meaningful otherwise, it can’t. I am telling that with the manner of an old bohemian woman that I carry inside of me. Albert Einstein said; there are two ways to live your life. First one, by considering that nothing is a miracle, and the other one, by considering that everything is a miracle. I side with living by considering that everything is a miracle... After all; all these wars, separations, deaths, cuckoldries and all good things would be unbearable otherwise.
While some of your photographs are instantaneous photos, most of them are phantasy... Which styles do you like more? Why? I like phantasy. This is neither ego nor theism; I like creating a scene, telling a story with my photographs. I like striving, that’s why I don’t rest on photoshop. Rather than adding a background digitally, I like preparing that background with my own hands, cutting and slicing, painting, and getting tired. As for my instantaneous frames; when I like something, I get tied to it blindly. Because of that, I prefer living away from most of; the cities that l like, my friends, my family, animals and my loved men. The alive ones never become the last one remaining in your hands. You remain all alone, there is either death or separation or heartbreak; you turn back, lie down on your bed, and look at the ceiling; and still the photograph remains behind, to your eye, to your heart. For that reason, my instantaneous frames never end; I even take photos in my dreams while sleeping. Right, I look like exaggerating or as if my heart is torn out too much, while telling like this. But what can I do? I like it. I even like photography so much as to run the risk of living apart. Oh, have I felt sad:) You have photographed lots of musician. Did you take those photos upon their request or upon your wish? It may either be because I got started writing for the music magazines or because I can’t live without music although I don’t don’ have a talent for music. I adore people producing music. I respect all of them regardless of they are good, bad, for me or not. No I don’t even make mention of Ajdar and the like :) I follow the same path since I started to work first, together with musicians; I listen to their songs, review their sayings, spend time with them and observe their world. Just think; photographs change musical notes and words into images. Besides, photographing the musicians is something different, which people, living again in the denominator of art, produce by coming together. Very meaningful! To my surprise, your question is not why I am talking about; I talked again, getting carried away with enthusiasm and love. Please excuse my enthusiasm. There are times that I demand, and times I am demanded. We are all somehow friends or we become friends due to the shooting. And that wave spreads and spreads. Do you have any projects that you plan for the future? Can you share them with us? I have a photograph exhibition till 9 May- 27 October at İstanbul Modern Art Museum Photograph Gallery, in the mixed photograph exhibition, named Yakın Menzil (Close Quarter), where I mention about my own life. With the name of ‘Karışık Aklım ve Dunning Kruger Sendromu (My Confused Mind and Dunning Kruger Syndrome)’. If anyone goes, I wait for his or her positive-negative constructive comments. And there are lots of intended projects later on, but I am in favor of sharing them when they are about to be actualized. You can follow;
Vol. 4
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