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Bindik Bir Alamete

Vol. 5

Barış and Soner pilfer a story from the life with hitchhiking for us. Be a guest for the table, pour tea, being hungry and roadless... But never lag behind from their roads. Anatolia often does not leave them alone, do not have their hands in their pockets ... Distances decrease. People smile.The sun rises and our hearts get warm.Affection never ends...

Who are Barış and Soner, are you childhood friends, how did you meet? Three years ago, we have met when we were both students in Marmara University, Fine Arts Department. When we did not meet each other, we have found ourselves walking the Lycian way. It was a crowded trip lasting 10 - 12 days. You know, they say that you should go to a trip or move in a house with your friends, we've done this at first, so we have a solid base in that sense :) Soner: If we bypass the elementary and high school years, a 2-year period passed by preparing for Fine Art Department, and at the end I managed. I have got into the MUGSF Industrial Product Design MÜGSF won. I had a tough university life between the years 2006-2013 due to my department. After going to United States travel under the pretense of language training, this travel had a permanent place in my mind and then I had the opportunity to visit many regions in the country and many countries abroad over the years. In the meantime, my relation with my department consists of only a diploma. Barış: After a long period of youth in Bursa, I have come to Istanbul of course with some dreams. At the time I got in the MUGSF Graphic Design Department, perception of life purpose in Istanbul had arose in me. After doing freelance graphic design jobs for many years, I went to Budapest for one year. During my stay abroad, I have found the opportunity to visit many European countries, so have a not bad traveling culture. I am included in many different projects, under the light of directorate that I use to dream. Although companies / customers disinclined me from graphic design, I can still enjoy to produce my own projects. When did these travels begin, How did it start this trip, when did you get on this miracle? As we begun to know each other better, we took up the projects that we can implement. Of course after hundreds of ideas we have laid aside, one day this project was born in Koza Han, in Bursa. At the time we asked ourselves why do not we convert these stories to documentaries, the project had already begun. Who is the eponym, how did you manage to find a name that actually fits? Yes, the name of the project was a serious agenda item. We have designed how shooting would be done, how the people would watch these videos, but the name folder in the project file was still empty. We asked all friends on the other hand, but there was nothing. One day while talking this name issue on the phone, his girlfriend suggested the name 'Bindik Bir Alamete'. At that time we have immediately rushed to the computer and bought the web address. The eponym is Cansu (Cansu Curgen) Which places have you visited, are there any places that you want to go but you couldn’t and where will you go the next time? So far, 5 parts of 'Bindik Bir Alamete' was broadcasted. Canakkale, Ayvalik, Van and many more are among the places we visited. Recently, we went to Sirince for a long time ago, but we could not broadcast yet. We plan to go through south over Central Anatolia. Maybe it could be a neighboring country; I think that's going to be a surprise Where did you like most? Is there any place that one should visit? The places we visited are a little bit interesting places, for example, Ayvalik is a place that everyone loves so much. When we visited for the 2nd part, we loved Cunda and Ayvalik regions but not the historical streets of Cunda or boat tour in Ayvalik. Market for sacrificial animals in Ayvalık was the place we liked, we distributed tea cooked meat balls in the market, also we accommodated there in places like shacks. So we can say that we spend the time in the places we visited, in the best possible local way. Other than that, Babakale (the farthest western point of the continent of Asia) is a very pleasant town and Van and its surroundings are fascinating must-see places.
What do you do apart from getting on a miracle? I mean how you earn your life? The project 'Bindik Bir Alamete' has formed the basis of the work we are currently doing. It has enabled us to enter into the film / production work we always wanted to do. We have created a wide range of work during the last years of the school. We had a bit busy few years by the public events, brand designs, organizations, and promotional films. Of course, all of them contributed us a lot in terms of business understanding. Now we have filtered our range of work as multimedia and video. We know that you had an active part in Marmara University International Student Triennial. How did you involve there? Which tasks did you take and are you satisfied with the result? MUGSF is a faculty that is not affected adversely by external factors and involves intimacy substantially, MUGSF is good in this respect. MUGSF does not have the stifling structure like some other universities and it is easy to communicate professors here. Many professors are very clear to students. The project Bindik Bir Alamete progressed as Barış’s graduation project at the same time and brand / project identity developed in front of the Department of Graphic Design Department. We also got support from many teachers in school, for many other projects we did. While the 6th International Student Triennial ws being designed, the first target was that the activity should be interactive with students throughout the year. The triennial needed a promotional video, and then they have contacted us. The committee organizing the triennial was really open-minded and was putting the students in the center of the organization. Dean of the Faculty Inci Deniz Ilgin, Vice Dean Sevil Saygi and Triennial President Meltem Eti Proto’s dream of all student of the school to be in the triennial was realized firstly by us, then the other students getting involved in the project. When the triennial ended, we have realized that it had been about 10 months that we have started the project and there were many projects that arise. We have tried to contribute in every sense and we have got in return. Finally, what would you say to your followers, how can they reach you? We would like to apologize that we could not make sharing through Bindik Bir Alamete, for a long time. But we will set off on the roads again with very nice stories and will continue to share with everyone. Besides, if you want to go somewhere, never think about expenses for the road or accommodation. Anatolian people will embrace you such a way that you might even not want to go back again! This project does not have an end, perhaps you can see us hitchhiking at our age of 50. Because Bindik Bir Alamete is a method of traveling.
Vol. 5
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