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Vol. 3

The Design Geniuses were in Istanbul for Alldesign!

Alldesign which brought together world famous designers in İstanbul on 22-23rd February realized an organization that created a tremendous impression in its 2nd year as well. During this design gathering that lasted two days, the experts shared their perspective about design and their internationally awarded works with the audience. Alldesign that hosted design geniuses such as Darren Aronofsky, George Lois, Ron Arad, Stefan Sagmeister, Es Devlin, Tina Earnshaw, John Hardy, Claude Challe and Marco Susani brought together about 5000 people from different sectors! Many important institutions such as TR Ministry of Culture, İBB, Mimar Sinan University, Industrial Designers Occupational Institution supported Alldesign 2013 which was mainly sponsored by KLK Gayrimenkul. Additionally, in speaker’s sponsorship,Darren Aronofsky from Arketipodesign/Designo and Ron Arad from Bien Seramik and in the co-sponsorships, Armaggan, Beck’s and Geberit took part in the most popular design organization in 2013.
The main purpose of Alldesign is to analyze the use of designer thinking and the differences created by the design in many areas such as marketing, branding, ergonomics, to get today’s and future designers to win a different perspective. Based on this purpose, alldesign not only brought new designs and new objects to life but also offered brand new business cooperation to both design companies and producers with this organization where designers got together with producers from many sectors for two days. OPENED NEW PERSPECTIVES FOR CREATIVE INDUSTRIES ON DIFFERENT SECTORS WITH ITS MOTTO “SEE WITH THE EYE OF THE MIND"!
Vol. 3
Dilan Bozyel "Noktaları Birleştirelim"