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Vol. 7

Aiming defense of human rights and freedoms, the LeJournal is fundamentally a network of socio-documentarists with photo- journalism ethics. Founded in 2012 at Istanbul, it is an independent, multidisciplinary and interactive medium which has adopted primarily the perceiving and conveyance of regional story, social agenda and the problems through photography. LeJournal carries the ideal of being an honest, neutral representative of photographic storytelling in Turkiye and the region, and of photojournalism born during early 1900s in Europe and became an école through a form developed by the Life Magazine and Magnum Agency in America of 1930s.

Proficient in conveying its works with a universal language, LeJournal has also had successes within its first year. World Press Photo award distant from Turkiye for nearly 30 years leads the crowning of these efforts. Among its first year successes are National Geographic photograph award, TFMD special awards and being a photojournalism finalist in Frontline Club. Time Magazine has listed Agency’s photographer Emin Özmen’s witnessing of an execution moment in Syria, in its Top 10 Photographs of 2013. Ranking the contributions of video and other media at the forefront next to visual depiction power of photography, the documentaries produced by the Agency are also followed with interest by international festivals. While the Agency’s first documentary film “Witnessing Gezi” was listed as Finalist at the Roma Independent Film Festival, it also won the World Press Photo Multimedia Award. Aiming to apply experimental alternative methods in exhibitions of artistic works and having been invited for the first time by Holland Mediamatic, the Agency organized a multimedia exhibition titled the “True Story” at Amsterdam in November 2013. LeJournal, successful in conveying the captured stories through important broadcasts to audiences abroad, also presented its works in many foreign magazines, newspapers and televisions led by the Time Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, Paris Match, Stern, Le Monde, El-Pais, The Guardian, CNN International, and the BBC World.
Agence Le Journal photojournalist Emin Özmen was awarded first prize by World Press Photo for the 'Witnessing Gezi' documentary. Özmen brought the World Press Photo to Turkiye after an interval of 30 years with his second award won from the same organization for a 2013 photograph depicting torcher in Syria. Recorded by Emin Özmen, 'Witnessing Gezi' is a documentary of an environmentalist protest for the protection of several trees in late Spring 2013 at the Taksim Piazza which eventually evolved into a nationwide resistance against the current government. Intending to be neutral from a photojournalistic perspective, the 'Witnessing Gezi' recording has also sought to share with audiences the humanitarian dimensions of a civilian resistance. Emin Özmen: "For me there was in the midst of a city only people who were trying to have their voices heard. To me it was people desiring a government which could understand them, respectful of human rights, out on the street to have their voices heard for a few trees or any other thing, only wanting a more livable Turkey, those who respected their city, identity, freedoms and rights had gathered at a Park. Naturally some forces have also intervened and 8 citizens lost their lives only to voice their justified demands. I am only a journalist but a human being first. I raised the camera with my heart and recorded. The documentary summarizes what I saw. Conveying the story in an honorable manner to the public was important. I thank all my friends who contributed much to its realization, particularly to Barış Koca and Soner Emanet for their devotion and sincere support. "
Vol. 7
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