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Vol. 8

As earlier made with sculptor Onur Çanka, glass artist Egemen Kemal Vuruşan and designer Gamze Yalçın, the video interviews are continuing with Murat Yılmaz workind as designer in Bizon Studio, Sedat Girgin working as freelance illustrator, Şeyda Ünal and Timuçin Öncül working as graphic designers in Hoşaf Workshop.

Bizon Studio Murat Yılmaz : I graduated from Kütahya Dumlupınar University, Department of Ceramics in 2011. Also, I am continuing my master degree at the University of Sakarya at the same time. After finishing my school, we started to design. We established Bizon with my three friends. Ceramics, sculpture and jewelry, which are our first branch of our work, and we are continuing to design and produce in this industry. While looking for materials we met this paper material. After doing stools, lightings, hats, and etc., then we got involved in concrete and started to make designs with concrete. We combined wood with concrete. When we combined two different materials, we saw that a different texture emerged and people were really affected by these materials. Then let's make hats, have fun, let every people contact and use and also we thought it would be a contribution for a material to be recycled in this cycle. There's a reason why we have chosen Moda, as a location, of course. This is a location where all of us passed our childhood and youth. And the story went in this way, and now reached quite an enjoyable point.
Sedat Girgin - Illustrator At first, I attended the fine arts high school. After Mimar receiving basic art education in fine art school, I entered Mimar Sinan University, Department of Industrial Design. When I was attending my department, I continued to draw patterns. In fact, I wanted to attend the painting department, however, because of the financial conditions at that time, I entered the Department of Industrial Design for the sake of having a guaranteed profession. And then, I began to practice in children's books in droves, entering Can publications. They were in pursuit of innovation at that time, with which I coincided to the full. Then, my works gained appreciation and my style was found to be slightly different. Apart from general children illustrations, it was found to be good as a good alternative. While doing my drawings I actually try to reflect the sense Egon I feel at the moment. Generally, I love to draw out through a story. When studying in high school, I was influenced by Egon Schielle very much. I was looking his pictures constantly and I enjoyed his feelings. I mean the taste of “a his drawings and his comfort. I guess I so looked him a lot that I feel like carrying a bit of his influence. When I see my works, if I get somebody to say, “Oh. Sedat must have made it”, it is certainly acceptable for me. We started to make music without considering anything. I feel very relax while playing drums. Sometimes, going studio and rehearsing while having work, giving concerts, and recording can be really hard but having extra job while I already have a job comforts me a little bit more. Music is indispensable.
Hoşaf Atölye Timuçin Öncül: We met with Şeyda in Marmara University, Department of Fine Arts. In that time Şeyda was making notebooks and we wanted to make this a little bit professional. Şeyda Ünal: I set a topic for the final project at school. It was about travelling. I started with the map of Kadıköy. I made Kadıköy map which is touristic and includes cafes and route for people coming from foreign places. Apart from this, I designed postcards and books. The event began with a book with a different orientations in itself, which you can utterly carry with you on your vacation, you can fill it in One day I was trying to make my own book, it was a gift for Timuçin. Then I met a bookbinder who has a shop in Kadıköy. I worked as an apprentice beside him. I was going there one day in a week and observing his works. How paper is folded, how to intervene, how it is fixed. I found little opportunity to observe them with him. I learned to make classic cover. We will apply serigraphy and linoleum covering techniques such as Uno press to book cover. We think making special notebooks by painting them by using traditional techniques like water color obtained from plants. Timuçin Öncül: We started following the sale of the books. First, we took them to our friend who has a cafe and then we took them to one or two more shops and finally we presented them in website. They accepted and it started to spread a little. After all we decided to sell books by putting them in a box. With Şeyda, we started to sell books as catchpenny in Moda at the weekends towards evening for a couple of hours. Responses that we got started to be so good that we started to get different orders there. Şeyda Ünal : You can find Hoşaf Atelye products in many shops which sell design products in Istanbul and on many websites. You can also access to our products, mostly on Facebook, and you can be informed about our activities as well.
Vol. 8
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