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The Outstandings On The Virtual

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İnternet dünyasında öne çıkan isimler ve işlerinden örnekler...


Charlotte Caron loves using people’s images and animal figures in her works, and creates an osmosis of the two mediums that interestingly does not seem quite odd. She paints animal heads over human portraits with acrylic, resulting in a surprising harmony of forms. 


What Gjon Mili did in 1952, Stephen Orlando does today but in more colorful variations. The artist places LED lights with custom color patterns on the strings of different musical instruments, and once the musician begins playing the instrument in a dark space, Orlando captures the trails with long exposure photography. The resulting images reveal beautiful combinations of colors, rhythm and music. 


Keith Negley has been working for over 15 years as a freelance illustrator, and is a frequent contributor to The New York Times and New Yorker. What he loves illustrating the most are entwined crowds of human figures. The use of colors and his distinctive style makes it easy to identify his works… 


Born in Hawaii and now based in New York, Yoro is a street artist and surfer, who chooses unusual locations to paint. He spends days on his paddleboard painting murals of hyper-realistic women on the walls of a canal by abandoned and dilapidated buildings. The partially submerged drawings and their reflections on the water create beautiful whole and realistic images, which are captured by photographer Aaron A. 

Sayı 12
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