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Even though Angliker’s paintings look like abstract works created with colorful brush strokes at first glance, there is much more to them. As you take a step back for a wider angle, the usual beach scenes begin to appear. As the artist departs from details, she demonstrates the true power of art with the right color and paint choices. 


London-based artist Amy Judd creates portraits of women filled with beauty and mystery. The artist, inspired by the relationship between birds and women in traditional mythologies, depicts women fully or partially disguised in feathers. The feminine objects in her paintings are references to concepts such as power and courage.


Award winning German photographer Frank Herfort observes Russia and its people through a Western lens in his photography series ‘Time in Between – Russian Fairytales’. This world, which the Westerners do not quite know, is revealed in Herfort’s photographs, giving clues about everyday life in those places.


Photographer Ken Hermann’s “Flower Men” project is a series of portraits of the male sellers in the famed Malik Ghat flower market in Calcutta, India. Hermann says some sellers were reluctant to be photographed since they believed flowers to be sacred. He took the flower sellers to Hooghly River for a more neutral setting, allowing the colors of sellers’ wares to stand out against the simple backdrop. 

Sayı 18
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