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Hägg says: “I strive for perfection in all my work even though I know perfection isn’t something I can achieve.” Often taken as ‘classic landscapes’, such as the sea and the forest, the places seen in Hägg’s photographs gain a new dimension, allowing the viewer to see a surprising side of nature.


Liu Di is a Chinese artist who uses digitally manipulated photographs to investigate the friction between the natural world and urban landscapes. The massive inflated animals and human figures inserted into the photographs create powerful imagery with their poses and expressions. Liu’s photographs distort the banality of reality to provoke us to review our urban surroundings.


Photographer Kate Fichard and plastic artist Hugo Deniau’s collaborative project ‘Scarecrows’ is a photography series featuring contemporary “scarecrow” sculptures, attempting to address how humanity’s relationship with nature has gone beyond scaring pests. Fichard explains how the project was born, “I noticed some time ago that scarecrows no longer exist in the fields and vegetable gardens in France. This is largely because pesticides and protection nets have completely replaced them.” 


Alberto Seveso doesn’t regard himself as an artist and says that he is inspired by painters who create artwork with actual paint. In his case, Seveso uses an inkjet printer to create stunning, unique artwork. With his high profile works for the likes of Adobe, he can be described as some kind of a graphic editing genius. 

Sayı 15
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