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Examples of Outstanding works on internet world.


Despite looking like Photoshop masterpieces, these landscape images in a mason jar are in fact analog works without any digital or darkroom manipulation. Photographer Christoffer Relander uses an analog medium-format camera and double exposure to create these works. He first paints the insides of the mason jars black, and photographs them against a white background in the studio, thus creating an unexposed silhouette on the negative. 


Artist/painter Guim Tió starts by going through fashion magazine, and manipulates the “beauties” he finds with pastel colored paints. After his interventions, only a couple of facial features like the nose and the lips can remain as they are, and the rest is completed with his imagination. The result is portraits with long necks, reminiscent of Modigliani’s works. 


Maria Lax, a Finnish commercial and fine art photographer, studied at the London Film School and returned to her hometown of Pudasjärvi where by chance she came upon a book by her grandfather about the UFO sightings in the region. Deeply affected by these mysterious lights seen in deserted parts of the city, she created this photography series.


It is usually easier for us to get bored of the things we own. This world that we own can too become boring, so we look up to the sky with more hope. Handcrafted and designed by Acorn Studio, the LUNA lamp is a delicate piece of unique artwork that will bring the moon into your home. Striving to bring together design and the arts, Acorn presents this lamp in various dimensions from 8 to 60 centimeters.

Sayı 16
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