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The Outstandings on the Virtual

Vol. 8
Back to Childhood - Telmo Pieper Telmo Pieper, a Dutch artist, has brought the simple pictures he did during his childhood into photo-realistic works. Born in 1989, the artist offers the new states of snail, bee, car, and other pictures he drew when he was at the age of 4 in his work named "Kiddie Arts".
Moving Buildings - Axel De Stampa Architect Axel de Stampa has tried to see the modern buildings from a different perspective. Separating the various architectural structures into the pieces and rendering them movable, the artist published these movable buildings in gif format. Maybe, he just mocked at the modern buildings; maybe he wanted to play.a
Atomic Occasions- Jessica Tremp Taking fictional photographer in nature generally, Jessica Tremp, the photographer, has taken indoor fashion photography. Together with the colour harmony, the harmony between clothing and background is also remarkable. Models are happy as if they were not aware of the photographer.
Mysterious Structures- Justin Plunkett Saying," On no account am I a photographer, Justin Plunkett, the designer, has shown his skill in producing images on the subject of illustration. Plunkett has designed desolate and strange places by means of various computer programs.
Vol. 8
METU - OMSIAD Cooperation Ahmet Doğu İpek Interview