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The Outstandings On The Virtual

Vol. 10

Anna Keville Joyce

Even though our parents tell us not to play games with food, Joyce went beyond playing games and made incredible pictures with food.  

Lucy Zharikova

Zharikova’s photographs attract very much attention especially on Flickr. She takes people that run naked, freely in the limitless fields in form of half-fiction and half-improvisation. Although she produces photographs in the studio, the photographs she produces in the natural environment look more remarkable.  

Elicia Edijanto

Edijanto succeeds in forming photograph-like images with watercolor that are taken with black-white films. She also reflects that great emotion between humans and animals just like in the film called Ashes and Snows directed by Gregory Colbert. 

Sylvain Biard

We recommend people who are interested in street photography to observe Biard’s portfolio. Biard performs the new age street photography very well and as a result there appears very joyful works to watch.

Vol. 10
The Outstandings On The Virtual Künye