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Kentin bugün ve gelecekte karşılaşacağı sorunları tanımlamayı ve çözümleri için yeni düşünce biçimleri üretmeyi hedefleyen bir kent laboratuvarı…

Author: Merve Aktaş

Founded as an initiative of Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), Studio-X Istanbul is an urban laboratory that aims to identify the current and future issues facing the city and seeks to generate innovative forms of thinking for their solutions. Working in coordination with Columbia Global Centers | Turkey, Studio-X Istanbul creates a new platform to enable information and knowledge exchange among experts, universities, civil society organizations and local governance; supports everyone who would like to do something on urban issues.

Studio-X Istanbul occupies two floors of a building located on Meclis-i Mebusan Street, and is conceived as transparently as possible to allow the interior space to connect with the outside world. The X-Reads library, featuring the Lin bookshelf system designed by Ersa in cooperation with ŞANALarc, offers a special selection of resources focused on design, architecture, and urban and collective memory. The library, curated by leading researchers in their respective fields, offers a variety of resources ranging from arts & crafts, industrial design, interior design, communications, architecture, furniture, music, toys, landscape design, healthcare, arts, industrial structures, politics, sociology, history, and gastronomy to academic theses and periodicals.  

Studio-X Istanbul also leads and hosts numerous events series on different disciplines. In December 201 5, Studio X Istanbul developed the project Design Chronology Turkey, which Pelin Derviş coordinated in line with the conceptual framework of the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, focusing on the last 200 years of design in Turkey, and started a comprehensive process that would continue after the biennial. Design Chronology Turkey explores various design categories in the era from the Reform period to present day using social, political and economic data, while a new series titled the “Design Chronology for the Curious: Library Meet-Ups” continued to trace the design chronology. These meet-ups led by Studio-X Istanbul in collaboration with the Istanbul Design Biennial, and supported by Ersa, were also coordinated by Pelin Derviş. 

The meet-ups that took place every week from March through May 2017, aimed to initiate a different conversation on topics such as “Architects and Their Books,” “Architectural Photography,” and “From Imagination to Construction, Technology as a Tool and Outcome”, and finally “An Institutionalization Story in Furniture: Ersa,” which focused on the 60-year history of Ersa, the main sponsor of the event. In the meet-up that aimed to offer insights into Ersa, which has been contributing to the design environment in Turkey since its founding in 1958 and spanning three generations, architects and designers that the company collaborates with, as well as professionals from various fields of the industry came together, and discussed the milestones of the furniture industry from the 1950s to present day, creating an overview of the developments that form the cornerstones of today. 

Sayı 17
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