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Teresa Arroyo Corcobado, is a Spanish illustrator based in Brussels. She was born under the sun of the Spanish winter in 1987 Since an early age, she always felt the need to go away from her small city in order to explore new places. She lived in Madrid, Edinburgh and Granada. After deciding to specialize in the field of illustration, she moved to Brussels, where she have been living in since. She works as a freelance illustrator between Belgium and Spain and her work has been selected in art contests and exhibitions in both countries and abroad. 


Yağmur Araz (b. 1992, İskenderun) graduated from French Language and Literature at Istanbul University. As she pursues a career in the film and advertising industry, she also continues to create independent works of art as a painter. 


Görkem Ekşiler (b. 1992, Lüleburgaz) started studying Engineering in 2010 at Istanbul Technical University. She then decided to change his path, and in 2014 entered the Interior Design Department at Marmara University where she continues her studies. 

Sayı 18
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