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Serra Ataman

Serra Ataman (born 1998, İstanbul) got into the department of Urban and Regional Planning at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2016. She started to pursue a double major in Architecture. She continues her degree. She works on ethnic portraits. In addition to acrylic, she also makes watercolor illustrations.

Elif Beyaz

Elif Beyaz (born 1995, Çanakkale) graduated from Fine Arts High School in 2013. She got accepted into the Painting department of Hacettepe University. She was accepted for the Master's degree in the same university ranking first. She continues her degree.

Melike Koçak

Melike Koçak (born 1997, İstanbul) studies Philosophy at Galatasaray University. She attends solo and group exhibitions. She has been publishing Fabrika Zine magazine since 2015.

Kardelen Akçam

Kardelen Akçam (born 1995, İstanbul) studied Sociology at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. She takes her Master’s degree in the same subject at the same university. In her collages, she is inspired by the works of the photographers she followed.

Sayı 22
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