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Onur Çanka Interview

Vol. 3

“I am dealing with the art of sculpture which has been one of the most effective propaganda tools of the mankind for thousands of years and my only goal is to reflect all my dynamism to the material that I use.”

Can you tell us briefly about who Simon Bolivar is and how the idea of making the sculpture of him came up, for the ones who do not know?

Bolivar was a revolutionist Venezuelan leader who lived in the 1800s. He is a person who leaded many Latin American countries, including Colombia and Peru, in gaining their independences by making wars against colonialist powers. The orchestra which he established for homeless children is still active today and visits İstanbul within the scope of some festivals every year. I suggest you to listen to them. Making the sculptures of the important characters in the history like Bolivar is a different pleasure for me. I was required to make this bust by Venezuelan Embassy. I was demanded to model in a more free way, that is, to work with my own style, contrary to the other works which were done before. This resulting work of art is at the stage just before the bronze founding of the bust.

Can you tell us the names of sculptors in Turkey and in the world, who influence you?

In Turkey, I can give you the name of Ziyatin Nuriyev. I respect to his works and his character very much and find sincerity in his sculptures. For the history of art, I can say Constantin Brancusi.

With which other disciplines you get fed, other than the art of sculpture?

Sculpture is a branch of art, having many disciplines in it. You have to know the material very well, besides having technical knowledge. This is the practical part of this work. Apart from this, in order to express a work and for the sub-text behind; the more you get fed with this wide knowledge, ranging from literature to music, from sociology to philosophy, the more your works become valuable.

To which degree the music is important for you? What kind of music are you fond of?

Music is at least as important for me as it is to everyone. I cannot imagine working without listening to music. I made a few sculptures of my favorite compositions. They are the reflections of the mentioned compositions on me. Also I made sculptures of a few songs. Music can arise the same feeling in everyone but the three dimensional form of it, comes into existence just as I want and fell it to be. I can say that, they are very personal works.

Okay then, to what extend are literature and poem important for you? Are there any poets that influence you?

A man like Cemal Süreyya lived in this world. Is it possible not to be influenced, not to pay attention? For example I used to make a wooden sculpture of Bukowski and I have a sculpture dedicated to the book named “Waiting for the Fear” of Oğuz Atay. These are indicators of how I am being influenced by the literature.

Do you have a future project in mind? Can you share with us?

Like almost all sculptors, deep in my hearth, I also wish my works take place in public sphere in the future. Think about any geography, for example Çukurova… I would like to make a naive sculpture from a material that most suits to any point of Çukurova with the same taste as Yaşar Kemal describes. A sculpture from which especially the children will get pleasure…  

Vol. 3
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