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Vol. 3

A Video Guide That Shows The City Through Its... Inhabittants...

notonlyistanbul is a city guide that tells about İstanbul, the city that constantly changes, through the peoples of this city... notonlyistanbul, offers a different city experience with its video content that was meticulously...created... The starting point of the guide is simple...We are who creates this city. İstanbul is shaped by our experiences: With its cab drivers, house painters, businessmen, musicians...With its streets, art, design, restaurants and bars, different tastes, İstanbul is ours...Sometimes, with an extraordinary İstanbul silhouette that greets us from an unexpected corner, sometimes with a modest example of our traditional cuisine...With the stories of different faces from different walks of life, new secrets to be discovered about İstanbul is lying ahead for us... So notonlyistanbul is a brand new city guide that is after these stories that talk about today’s İstanbul, sharing these different discoveries... notonlyistanbul shares the soul of the streets and places through videos on this address www.notonlyistanbul. com to reflect the sense of the city...
Perceiving the city as a living and changing organism, notonlyistanbul is dreaming of creating a collective İstanbul archive... Living in the most beautiful city in the world, are we paying the necessary attention to the stories whispered by the streets that we stride through in our daily routines, by the stores that we pass by? However, we apply to plenty of sources such as friends, websites, blogs before travelling abroad to get some suggestions...At this very point, notonlyistanbul carries the urban stories of the people that we live in the same city with, that produce the city, and their unique discoveries. Notonlyistanbul is sharing the city of İstanbul of its viewers with the hashtag #notonlydeolsa on the website and realizing video shootings together with those who make inspiring recommendations. notonlyistanbul also becomes a platform for sharing photos of the city: every moment of İstanbul is on the snapshot webpage of notonlyistanbul. You can also stay connected to share your İstanbul with notonlyistanbul on hashtags like #bugünistanbul (#todayistanbul), #hepyukarıbak (#alwayslookup): Instagram: notonlyistanbul
Vol. 3
"Noktaları Birleştirelim" Tertium Non Data / Gülnur Özdağlar