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Vol. 6
Damien Hirst & Felix Gonzales - Visual Candy British artist Damien Hirst‘s ‘visual candy’ series comes together with the spill work of the late Felix Gonzalez- Torres, presented together exclusively in a exhibition celebrating both the artists and the medium. The curated collection pairs Gonzalez-Torres’ sculptural structures beside Hirst’s abstract paintings of medicinal pills, and compares the ways in which each artist used candy as a creative material during the early 1990s. both artworks engage in a relationship with each other in terms of color and texture, emphasizing a sense of balance and chromatic equilibrium within the gallery space.
Kazuyo Sejima - A-Art House Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima has completed ‘a-art house’, a transparent, walk through pavilion with vibrant pink, red, and yellow floral motifs encompassing the exterior skin. The archetypal sculpture allows entry at one point, granting access to either the interior of the clear acrylic ring, or entry into a small rest area at its core. ‘a-art house’ is designed as a part of the inujima art house project, an initiative developed thorough a collaboration of Sejima and art director Yuko Hasegawa to beautify the village on the island of inujima in Japan by installing exhibition pavilions among the traditional houses.
Francoise Nielly - Colorful Portraits French artist Francoise Nielly known by his colorful portraits. In general, he uses neon colors and free drawing style in the portraits. To access these images, he uses tool like spatula and combines colors crush on eachother. In his works, using colors too vibrant and confident brush strokes remains dynamic and vibrant portraits.
Iris Scott - Finger Touch Arts Artist Iris Scott creating this beautiful art with his hands. He is working with lots of touchs at the dame time like a pianist. He discovered this technic when he was living in Tayland. The reason of this style that he hates cleaning brushes. He learned to work with hands and created this amazing arts.
Vol. 6
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