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Nazım Serhat Fırat

Vol. 11


Fırat (born 1978, Bursa) is a name that stands out in the social media with the photographs he takes, especially in social upheavals and places of conflict. He quickly shares his pictures on Facebook, using the power of social media well in this respect. Many of the photos he took during social protests have succeeded to be etched in our memories. Fırat worked as a photojournalist for foreign agencies for a while. A photo he took in Suruç for Istanbul-based Agence Le Journal was featured in Time’s pictures of the week, while his solo exhibition last year at kargART was received with great interest. Nowadays he continues to freelance.

Nazım Serhat Fırat, in addition to his fame as a documentary photographer, also takes backstage photos night and day. He has been taking the backstage photos of several popular TV series and feature films for quite a while, and he tries to make time in the long hours of sets to create his own works.

Backstage when he can squeeze in brief moments, his documentary photography side kicks in, and he creates a project with set workers. Adding artistic meaning and content to the documentary approach, he takes individual shots of each set worker and the props that person uses, and then presents the two pictures side by side. In a way he wants to draw attention to heavy working conditions on the sets. Fırat can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and behance.

Vol. 11
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