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Metin Atabey Ata

Sayı 16

Metin Atabey Ata, the founder and Honorary President of Ersa, passed away leaving a story of labour behind.

Yazar: Merve Aktaş

Illustrator: Ethem Onur Bilgiç

After completing his military service in 1955, Metin Atabey Ata started to work in the textile shop operated by his father and uncle in Sivas, and went on to sell chairs, tables, beds and wardrobes at a time when furniture was highly needed. In 1958 he persuaded his father and uncle to buy a carpet and metal workshop in Sivas, and in 1962 he designed the iconic red chair with metal parts made of water pipes. With the first order received from the State Supply Office (DMO) in 1968, followed by a large DMO contract, he moved the business to Ankara in 1971. Ersa Mobilya, which today has become a leading company in the industry with collaborations with numerous local and international brands and designers, was established in 1978. 

Having focused on metal-based furniture for many years, Ersa launched the production of wood-based furniture in 1987. Since 1990, the company has continuously improved its production facilities and standards. Born as a result of the determination and hard work of Metin Atabey Ata, who adopted a lean design approach using water pipes and simple parts in the absence of materials, Ersa today has 4.5 million square meters of panel processing and 530 thousand pieces of furniture production capacity on a total area of 60 thousand square meters.

When Metin Atabey Ata, who adopted the principle of living as an honorable, honest and hardworking person that valued people throughout his 83-year long life, passed away on March 21, 2017, the third generation members of the Ata family were already part of the company’s management. Metin Atabey Ata, who achieved great success at a very young age with his idealistic character, provided valuable contributions to the entire furniture industry, and Ersa Mobilya in particular. He always aimed to take the Turkish furniture industry forward with a modern perspective, and gave the gift of innovations with high added value to the industry throughout his working life. Metin Atabey Ata has left a legacy as the most valuable thing that can be bequeathed to a family and an institution, and with his unwavering principles shined a light on a future full of hope. 

Sayı 16
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