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Vol. 11

“The reality left in the past can be bent”

Interview: Şener Yılmaz Aslan

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born in 1988, and have been a senior in the school of architecture for years. I love everything to do with cinema. But, even though my heart is set on movies, I earn my living from occasional photography, production, and styling works. However my current source of income is architecture, which I don’t really love. For now, my life is going between the office and my home so I don’t have much time left for anything else.

What led you to producing such works, have you been influenced by other artists?

I met with Glitch when my camera broke. The idea of not being productive without taking photographs was bothering me, and I was very much into video arts and movies at the time. To be honest, I had no means of taking photographs, or producing my video or cinema related works. Around that time I started playing with the photographs that I had taken but not used. I can say that being without means led me to trying new things.

What is your desire to distort an object and then to reconstruct it with a different aesthetic based on?

Things we leave behind including our self each moment in the moving, flowing time are no more it, they have become an entirety, the reality of which we can only grasp through what we have recorded in our memories. But the reality is only in this moment. And what we remember are photographs captured in the passing of time. The reality left in the past can be bent, distorted, manipulated, and even lied about. Moments or memories always have a richness bred by different perspectives. In short, this desire comes from the drive to create a surreal and unperceivable memory by playing with photographs that are evidences of the reality of the recent or distant past.

The photographs, particularly the ones in the Distortion series, seem quite old. Are they from family archives or found through research?

The photographs in the series are from family albums. I know many of the people in the photographs, and some of their stories.

Are there any new projects lined up? Will you continue with distorted works?

Actually there are but all are on paper. My priority project now is a short film. I want to continue with distorted works but I don’t have the time or the means for any of the projects on my mind. We will see what time brings.

Do you have plans or are there opportunities for an exhibition?

Frankly, I don’t intend to but I want to. This is all a bit scary too because three months later when I look back the works no longer please me. Therefore at times I may not have enough confidence in myself to present my works to people on a medium other than virtual. And actually I did not have such an opportunity except for the Internet and print media.

What do you watch, listen to? Any movie and music recommendations for us?

Nowadays I am not as connected to music as I used to be. I constantly listen to Morrissey’s new album and of course I recommend it. The latest movies I watched were The Tribe, and Le Fils, which I definitely recommend.

Vol. 11
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