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Can Dağarslanı Interview

Vol. 9

Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in 2006, Dağarslanı also became interested in photography and this has become a passion for him in a short time. Apart from architecture, he continues to take photos that attract the audience and disturbs as well in his leisure times.

Interview: Şener Yılmaz Aslan
How did your adventure begin, how you became interested in photography when you were studying architecture? 
The skylines of the cities where I have lived were the first reason for me to take my camera in my hand. Photography has always continued along with architecture, and I want to keep both of them in my life despite all the difficulties. 
Could you tell us the formation stages of your photos, how do your projects emerge? 
 The formation of my projects progresses in a whole, marking the space light, light colours, colours and model. Given the negative effects of dealing with all of these in a disjointed way, I wait my senses to reach the integrity before programming the shoot. 
Do you show a special effort to stay away from eroticism in your photos? Or you see eroticism as a part of your job? 
 Today, we see that the artist type, who believes in the spiritual values, has been replaced by post-artist type, who is wired into the requests of the market. The fiction in my photos is the reflection of my spiritual world, therefore, it does not require any effort which is stranger to myself.
The characters in “Identities” photograph series reminds me of the characters of the movie “Dogtooth” by Yorgos Lanthimos. Two submissive women who have experienced a surreal education... 
What do you want to say about this? 
 A movie that I love a lot. An analogy I have heard a lot. This makes me happy... 
In general, could you tell us about the photographers that you found successful in nude photography? 
Ren-Hang and Kostis Fokas are two photographers in this field that I enjoy following. 
All right, what about music and cinema, could you give us suggestions of watching and listening? 
I would recommend any structure of new wave. Especially I want to lay stress on the “lawlessness” feature. The directors have put forward only their own worlds and characters in their movies in a way that cannot be seen in the cinematographic narratives. This trend, in which the subjective perspectives emerge, influences my works indirectly. Besides, I love the movies of Xavier Dolan. As for music, I have a pleasure that changes in parallel with the feelings I experience. Therefore, it will be difficult to give names about this subject.
Vol. 9
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