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“An artisan and lovely bakery shop located at Balat making delicious breads and desserts...”

Interview: Ezgi Genç

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. We are especially curious about the name Breadtaking.

While I was studying Industrial Design at Yeditepe University I decided to become a cook in 2009, and I searched another school where I could get accelerated education and then launch my career as soon as possible because experience (working in the kitchen) in this profession is as important as training. I started at the Istanbul Culinary Institute, and I was fortunate enough to work with many well-known restaurants and great chefs in Istanbul. Kantin / Şemsa Denizsel was one of the best opportunities for me. Later I studied bread at the Bertinet Cookery School in London, and decided to open my own bakery after working and gaining experience for a few more years.

My brother Erdem Dilbaz coined the name “breadtaking”, combining “bread” and “breathtaking” in English.

Why did you choose Balat to open such a bakery? 

Balat is in a very central location, and at a moderate distance to deliver to my customers in Karaköy, Etiler, Maçka, and Nişantaşı, etc. The fact that it is a crowded neighborhood also appealed to me. Obviously a social person like me would be very bored if this bakery was in an industrial zone or in a secluded area. 

It is hard to call this place a bakery really because it looks more like an atelier. How does the system work? Are you here all the time?

I like it when people say it is like an atelier. I actually opened this place so that other people who want to produce but do not have sufficient space or equipment can come and use it too but unfortunately it has not happened yet. I cannot be in the bakery all the time because I do the production, delivery and procurement myself but regular shoppers know this. So when they need something, they call and we agree on a time that suits us all. 

What do you like to bake the most? What is your signature product?

Baking bread is the best because the whole place smells great. Since this is a bakery the bread has to be really good obviously, so not counting bread my signature is oatmeal & peanut butter cookies.

It seems like we recommend whatever we taste here to everybody else. Which cafés do you cater to?

I may not remember them all at once but I sell my breads to Mikla, Backyard, Mittag, Aheste, Marika, Forno, Ariste Charcuteries. You can find the bakery products at Kronotrop coffee bars, Coffee Department, and Pop’s Balat, the newcomer to our neighborhood.

If I want to open a café, can we create a concept together?

Certainly. Even though I spent almost nine years in the kitchens of the restaurants I worked for, I also found opportunities to observe service, bar and operations. I know how to manage a restaurant well and what not to do. 

What is in store for you in the future? What else would you like to do?

The earliest future plan is to open a store in a take-out concept at a more accessible location. 

Sayı 16
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