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Alper Süzgün


Too far to be true, too close to deny...

What about a private date with your own imagination in a universe where planets fell out of their orbit and are lost in thought under the rose quartz sky or pyramids with tons of stones rise and disappear in the absolute absence?

Ankara based graphic artist Alper Süzgün says "My purpose is to create real-like virtuals even though we know they are not real and never will be."  and promises unusual places out of space and time where a deep silence and majestic guests reign.

Inspired by nature and space, the artist states that the only way giving his artwork a meaning is sharing them with others. What else can be done if they desire to reach somebody else's fantasy coming from one, and go into orbit again? Maybe the planet on that shore, the forest rising from the sea or the house at the edge of the cliff are waiting for one who will give a meaning to them...

You can visit here for much other matte painting, photo manipulation or concept arts by Alper Süzgün.

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Ken Hermann Daiana Ruiz